StylishlyTaylored Tunes

StylishlyTaylored Tunes – August 2016

Little known fact about me: I’m a huge music junkie. I don’t talk about it much, but it’s hard for me to go an entire day without listening to music. My childhood was filled with every genre of music; a bit of a music savant, my dad instilled in me a love for quality vocals… Continue reading StylishlyTaylored Tunes – August 2016

Fashionable Foodie

Nalley Fresh – Design Your Own Healthy

Ever been to Nalley Fresh? Yes? It’s great, right? No? If you’re not in Baltimore, you’re off the hook. If you live in Charm City….what are you waiting for?! Baltimore voted Nalley Fresh as Baltimore Magazine’s Best Lunch in Baltimore 2016 sooooo there’s no excuse not to stop in! (They also took home second-runner up for Best… Continue reading Nalley Fresh – Design Your Own Healthy

Wandering Wardrobe

Jungle Cat Tees – Dress fly. Change lives.

  I am and forever will be an animal person.  I may not have any animals of my own currently, but I love my friends’ and family members’ fur babies like they’re my own. So many of those close to me have adopted their animals because animals in shelters are often overlooked. “Adopt, don’t shop” is… Continue reading Jungle Cat Tees – Dress fly. Change lives.

Fashionable Foodie · Wandering Wardrobe

Feastival: A Food Adventure for a Cure

Good food is my weakness. It’s hard for me to imagine that I once used to be a picky eater, too stubborn to try anything new or exotic. The old me would have cringed at the thought of spending my Saturday eating fried catfish and octopus bahn-mi (I’m glad she didn’t stick around.) The new me… Continue reading Feastival: A Food Adventure for a Cure