Look good, feel good

Here goes nothing! I’ve been contemplated starting a blog for a while, now, but I’ve finally followed through on my not-so-far-fetched idea. My name is Taylor, a 21-year-old aspiring M.D./Ph.D., that loves clothing. I fully believe that clothes have the power to transform a woman’s attitude, self-confidence, & outlook on the world. Whether they’re brand-names or thrift-store gems, clothes allow a woman to express herself. They subtly speak volumes about your personality, priorities, and are on the frontline during every first-impression. That being said, my aspiration in starting this blog is to help other women realize their full potential– caring about your looks doesn’t categorize you as materialistic or superficial, those figurative labels are the result of your attitude about the literal ones you’re wearing. It’s a common misconception that you need $$$ to dress well – false (there are a ton of expensive clothes that are hideous and unflattering no matter who is wearing them. Plus, with all their discounts, Marshall’s is truly a girl’s BFF for fiscally-responsible fashion).

Caring about your looks, however, shows the world that you have self-confidence and self-respect. A great outfit screams “I look good because I deserve to.” When you look good, you feel even better. People take you seriously; you radiate a new level of positivity and hey, even if things do go wrong, at least you look great!

No matter your body type, wallet size, or taste, here’s my central dogma of personal style- know yourself:

  1. Know your body– If you’re a size 10, own it! It’s a test of your confidence but dress for the body you have, don’t try to squeeze into a size 6 just because you used to be a size 6 (your mirror will thank you). A shift-dress that lightly hugs your curves is much more flattering than a spandex skirt two-sizes, too small!
  2. Know your budget– If you can’t spend $200 on a pair of heels, don’t! In a fantasy world, money would grow on trees and we would all be killin’ it in Jimmy Choo pumps & DVF wrap-dresses. But for 95% of us, that’s more of a style dream than a style reality. So, stick to what your wallet can handle. Look for stores that sell staple pieces for your wardrobe and frequently have great sales (J. Crew Factory, Gap, Old Navy, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx).
  3. Know your taste– You know yourself better than anyone else. I’m in love with all things J.Crew, but I don’t expect everyone to love their bold, structured designs. That’s the beauty of style, though. It gives everyone the capability to express themselves without saying a word. So find stores that sell what you love. If it’s not “you”, then don’t buy it!

But, when you find clothes, shoes, & jewelry that fulfill these three style-doctrines, indulge yourself. Style is an investment, and it’s all about the return (especially when the ROI can be one of your cheapest accessories – your smile).

“A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.” – Charles Gordy

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