{Walk a mile in my loafers}

I’ve frequently been told that my style is reminiscent of a fashion-forward grandmother. Accurate? Slightly. I do enjoy my crew-neck sweaters & knee-length pencil skirts, but incase that wasn’t convincing enough, I have a strong love for loafers. Yes, loafers. Now, how many 21-year-olds do you know who wear loafers? (Rhetorical, but I assume the answer can be counted on one hand.) With origins in the late 19th century, I’m reminded that they aren’t the “hippest” choice of footwear. However, I’m here to vouch for these historically classic statement shoes and tell you why I believe they’re a wardrobe necessity for every woman.

Naturally, if you don’t already own a pair, you probably have a reason why. If I were to poll my friends on their reasons, I’d likely get one of two responses: 1) “I can’t pull them off. They’re not my style.” 2) “They’re ugly.”

My replies:

  1. “I can’t pull them off. They’re not my style.” – Like I said in my previous post, if they’re not your style, don’t buy them. BUT, don’t count them out without slipping a pair on first (it’s that easy). Depending on where you look, you can find loafers in all different styles, colors, patterns, fabrics, heel heights, etc. I suggest checking out a store such as DSW- they’ll give you a wide range to choose from. If you still find yourself debating the purchase, even after keeping your eyes (and mind) open, hold off. Don’t buy anything you’re not in love with, after all, you’re the one who has to wear them.
  2. “They’re ugly.” – So you’re a loafer loather? I feel the same way about sweatpants. Only difference is that I still own a pair of sweatpants (no matter how gross they look). Why? Because they’re practical. But if you’re still up in arms about having fashionable feet, I understand – I just hope that you’ve at least given them a chance! More pairs for us Betty White wannabes.

Here are some sites I recommend looking at to start your love-affair with loafers:

  • DSW– Mercanti Fiorentini has a good selection here, relatively cheap too (~$70)
  • Zappos– Wide selection and large price range
  • Tory Burch– Pricier but worth it in my personal opinion (~$200)
  • J.Crew & J.Crew Factory– Offers chambray and more fabric based loafers, as opposed to leather (~$70-$150)

If you’ve never considered purchasing loafers, THINK ABOUT IT! The best way to figure out if these statement shoes are for you is to try on a pair next time you’re out shopping. Not only are loafers extremely practical, they’re also widely available (loafers for everyone!). I’m utterly in love with my Tory Burch Ludlow driving loafers because they’re comfortable, versatile, and carry with them an air of class. They’re the perfect shoe to compliment a pair of colored chinos for a work appropriate ensemble, or I can throw them on with a cute sundress & cardigan for Sunday brunch with my girlfriends (or perhaps my grandma)!  Convinced? Hopefully! 

Stay tuned for more sneak-peaks into my wardrobe – thanks for reading!

“My grandmother told me to be nice to everyone and always think about how you would feel if you were in their shoes.” – Unknown

2 thoughts on “{Walk a mile in my loafers}

    • tae1298 says:

      My feet are on the wider side as well and they fit wonderfully- if you’re purchasing leather ones, they will definitely stretch to fit your feet! Can’t speak for other pairs, but I’m always satisfied with Tory’s products.

      Thanks for reading!


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