{Fall-ow suit with great boots}

Since October is one of the most beautiful months out of the year, scattered with falling leaves and vibrant colors, it’s only fair that you dress beautifully to match Mother Nature. Besides pulling out your favorite sweaters and scarves, seasonal shoes are a serious staple – my favorite, boots!

As a blogger from Rochester, NY, the weather is chilly and unpredictable (trust me, inclement weather arrives without warning & on days when your outfit is Vogue-worthy). BUT just because the trees change doesn’t mean you have to – when you have the right boots, you deserve that Vogue-centerfold, regardless of the (weather) pattern.

Consequent upon being a female, we’re naturally indecisive – there are so many options for boots, so how do you know where to start?! Like any other wardrobe piece, it depends entirely on you!  Booties? Riding boots? Flat? Heeled? Brown? Black? Both?

Above are a few of my fall favorites (click for details on individual pairs) – possessing a variety of styles and colors is beneficial. At a minimum, if a woman has one pair of black boots and one pair of brown, she can cover the basics of true fall style. Don’t feel pressured to spend $500 on a pair of boots. Sometimes, the more expensive brands offers higher-quality leather, however, there are PLENTY of cute boots that appeal to fiscally-responsible fashion enthusiasts.  Make sure to check out DSW, Payless, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Macy’s, and local boutiques for unique styles.

Once you’ve become the proud owner of a new pair, think of pairing them with…

My 3 tips for boot-buying are:

  • Be aware of the material you’re purchasing – Suede and leather are temperamental & will ruin rather quickly if exposed to the elements. If you’re investing in these autumn-apt fabrics, you will need to spray your pairs with a protective agent.
  • Calf-size – If your legs aren’t toothpicks, such as mine, make sure to make mental note of brands that offer wide-calf boot options.
  • Heel height – Plan on wearing these on a regular basis? Make sure to think about appropriate heel height. If your daily  itinerary includes lots of walking, re-think purchasing 4-inch-heels.

Even if your closet is already full of some boot-iful pairs, keep on the look-out for other pairs that fit your fashion fancy! There’s always room for some im-shoe-vement 🙂

May your Monday be marvelous and your outfit be outspoken! ~ Xoxo ~

P.S. Remember to follow me on Instagram, @stylishlytaylored, for style inspiration more IG-worthy #ootds!


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