Brunchin’ D.C. (Done Cheap)

Brunch. Our Nation’s capital. Inexpensive alcohol. What could be better? Maybe a date with Leonardo Dicaprio, but a girl will take what she can get.

There are far few things better than a bottomless brunch. Mimosas, Bloody Marys, fatty food (and more importantly water) in the morning after a long night all do wonders for that hangover headache. Brunch is also great because if you didn’t go hard the night before, you now have an excuse for a little Saturday Brunch Party or similarly, Sunday Funday (if you prefer drinking instead of attending church – no judgement.) Whether you’re discussing the festivities of last night or having an educated conversation with friends (my itinerary usually depends on which set of friends I’m brunching with), you can never go wrong with food and booze.


I’ve gained a lot of friends in the DMV area – some landed here after college, others took me in when I was a fresh Baltimore transplant. Either way, I’m thankful for each and every one of them. But with different friend groups, comes different traditions. A subset of my friends live in and around D.C., and how fortunate am I that these friends also see brunch as a way of life? They get me, and we have mutual understanding that monthly brunches are a standing tradition. I will do a future post regarding my favorite brunch spots in Baltimore, however, I figured I’d give some of my fellow frugal foodies in the DMV some ideas to cure those brunch cravings without spending an arm and a leg. Therefore, to keep things interesting, my friends have a running list of brunch spots to try in and around the D.C. Metro area. Some spots were discovered by accident, some by a high-tech Google search, and the rest were suggestions from workers in the Capitol building (one of the most important discussions to ever take place in that building, I imagine.)

The best part about brunching in a city is the never-ending supply of restaurants. There are a ton of areas, each with their own different flavor. We’ve brunched at spots in Capital Hill, Farragut North, Shaw-Howard, Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, Arlington, etc. All good deals with very different vibes. One of our favorite spots (our brunching grounds, if you will) is Kellari Taverna in Farragut North on K Street. Bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, or bellinis come with a 3-course meal and a quiet, upscale environment perfect for conversing with friends. Oh and did I mention with the Groupon they offer, it’s only $20/person? And if that still doesn’t convince you, check out all the food (and drinks) that $20 gets you!


Looks good, right? Here are some more pics and details from a few other places we’ve tried around the D.C. Metro area:

Logan Tavern (1423 P ST. NW)

  • Logan Tavern has an INCREDIBLE Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary option for brunch, complete with toppings like bacon, shrimp, and a wide variety of hot sauces, tequilas, and exotic add-ons. Their Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict was amazing, and I highly suggest trying this humbly upscale tavern for some solid southern-inspired brunch creations!


Scion (2100 P Street NW)

  • Scion has two locations in and around D.C. (Dupont Circle and Silver Spring.) From what I can tell from their online menus (linked above), only the Dupont Circle location offers bottomless Mimosas, Poinsettias, or Bloody Marys for $14 during brunch. Soooo, if you’re looking for bottomless, I’d stick with the Dupont location. They have a great selection of your standard brunch foods along with an above average Build-Your-Own omelette/scramble option. They also offer daily specials of which I took advantage during my trip. I opted for the pesto burger, and it was miraculous (I could eat pesto at every meal so this menu selection was a no-brainer.) And in case those perks weren’t enough, each meal comes with unlimited trips to a fresh fruit bar. Consider stopping in at this cute restaurant the next time you’re in the nation’s capital!

Medium-Rare (Barracks Row, 515 8th Street S.E.)

  • Medium Rare was one my most recent D.C. brunch-ventures. Located in Capitol Hill, it has killer food and great vibes. I don’t know what I liked more, the fact that every dish was topped with steak or the 90s and early 2000s throwback playlist blasting in the background. They offer a $25 all-inclusive brunch + bottomless coffee, orange juice, mimosas, bloody marys, or screwdrivers. I’m pretty sure all my friends were double-fisting caffeine and alcohol. They also bring endless amounts of bread. Major perk. I started off with their yogurt and fruit parfait (highly recommend) and selected the Steak Eggs Benedict as my main course. Other popular menu options included the Steak & Eggs as well as the Steak Frites.

Shaw’s Tavern (520 Florida Ave NW)

  • With ample outdoor seating, Shaw’s Tavern is awesome for summer brunch. They have some brunch menu items that are less traditional (like baked avocados + eggs topped with salsa); I suggest giving them a visit. The Tavern doesn’t have an all-inclusive deal or bottomless so you’re going to have to be willing to spend a little extra money if you venture to this spot (a great place to suggest when you’re with relatives who regularly pick up the check.)


I haven’t made even a small dent in all of the brunch spots in the D.C. Metro area, but this is just a short-list of those places I have tried and am now suggesting to you. So, if you’re looking to brunch in the D.C. Metro area in the near future, consider the spots listed above but also check out these sites for some of the best brunches for your buck:

Happy Brunching! Until next time, keep it stylish.




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