Back in Black


I think there’s something so enticing about an outfit pieced together with careful consideration for color. Changing seasons or fluctuations in weather induce a natural rotation of color – light tones for spring, bright shades for summer, earthy tones for fall, and rich, deep hues for winter. I would imagine that most of you reading this could support such an observation. Stores begin to sell pastels in late Winter to prepare for Spring; August brings an array of neutral-colored sweater options for Fall. You get the idea.

I’m all-for these rather symbolic calendar-chromatic changes, but until recently, I’ve been envious of the few who transcend this social trend by wearing black without regard for season, weather, or time of day. I had never been one to allow? (not sure what word to use here) black to be a staple color in my closet. Rather, I reserved black for formal events, nights out, or dreary winter days. Who wears black on a sunny, Fall day? At 9 AM in the morning? I asked myself these questions and realized the answer was “A lot of people….” So it can’t be THAT taboo, right?

I can say confidently that if polled, my college friends would have considered my everyday style to be on the conservative side – preppy, structured, and full of J.Crew. However, they’d also likely confirm that I’ve always appreciated the edgier and trendier looks although I often strayed away from darker dress on a daily basis. I used nights out with my girlfriends to spice things up and push my preconceived closet confines. It was on these nights that black was in full-force. I envied the art students’ style because it was the perfect combination of effortless and unique. Why couldn’t I be that cool? Honestly, I was afraid to dress the way I wanted to because I feared what my professors and classmates would infer about my personality and work ethic from such outfits (no offense meant by this, but I simply chose to play defense instead of offense in this stereotype war.) Tech schools aren’t often filled with women sporting outfits from the latest issue of Vogue. And it was college. Enough said.

But now having lived in the “hipster” neighborhood of Baltimore for about a year, I’m over caring what people think. Everyday I pass people in rainbow dreads, ripped tshirts, and nose rings – it was about time I embraced my leopard-print glasses, high-waisted black jeans, black boots, and growing collection of shirts in various hues and patterns of black, charcoal, and heather gray. I preach to you all about wearing pieces that YOU love and in which YOU feel comfortable. It was time I did the same. Remember that post about being selfish and doing what makes me happy? Well, here I am posting on my blog (+1) talking about style (+1) and wearing black (+1).

I am happy to report that this I’m no longer jaded to the jet shaded-look. And I’ve recently fallen in love with black. Not just the color, but outfits laden with it. My heart will always belong to earth tones (I consider myself tonally-committed to chestnut and olive green) but my current love affair with this cimmerian color is ALL too real. I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop writing this post in black jeans, black boots, a black-striped tee, and my favorite half-bun. Life is so good.


So I’m back to blogging and loving black – hence Back in Black. AC/DC would be proud (and so would my dad for making that reference.) Keep an eye on my Instagram (@stylishly.taylored) for future blacked-out looks because I don’t see the light at the end of this trend quite yet.I’m in the market for more dark dreads, and I want to hear your go-to places for these trendy threads. I want your help to find unique pieces so comment your store suggestions below!! Can’t wait to check them out!

Until next time, keep it stylish.




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