Tag your life with adventure

Heraclitus once said “Everything changes and nothing stands still.” 

Those of you who know me can confirm that I’ve never been one to stay still. Life is constantly changing, and each day is an attempt to play catch-up with things we often can’t predict. Although the seemingly patternless series of events thrown at us can induce frustration, I prefer to view these events not as struggles, but rather opportunities to collect experiences. Whether you’re making new friends, losing old ones, changing jobs, or moving to a new city, you have the chance to explore new avenues of life that were not available to you previously.

In recent years I’ve elected to save myself some unneeded frustration by converting every hurdle to into a new experience. A year ago, I was thrown into a city where I knew no one – so when I was struggling to make friends in Baltimore, I resorted to exploring my new stomping grounds. Now settled in a new home with a great group of friends, I have yet to stop exploring. Why would I? It’s my guilty pleasure. Life has so much to offer those who seek out unfamiliarity.

So, when I had a new outfit and the urge to explore, I went on an adventure to Baltimore’s hidden Graffiti Alley in Charles North. It’s hidden to any passerby, and it’s open to the public to tag it’s walls with their words, symbols, and experiences.


So I used the tags’ of visitors as a backdrop to display some of the new clothes I picked up that weekend. My closet doesn’t contain many casual looks that are also cute (I’ve got Anthro dresses and sweatpants but not much in between.) I’ve recently been trying to fill in this gap seen in my closet. So when I went shopping at the outlets, I picked up some versatile pieces to use toward my casual yet cute “weekend wardrobe.”

My perfect weekend look is presentable, functional, and comfortable. These chambray drawstring pants from J.Crew are amazing. Not only are they comfortable, but they can be dressed up with wedges or dressed down, like I’ve done here, with cool sneakers or colorful sandals. My top is the perfect sweater tee for Spring. The sweater is a happy medium between thin tshirts and thick sweaters, perfect for unpredictable temperatures and accompanying those busy patterned bottoms in your closet.


My favorite part of the outfit, however, is my new sneaks – I’m a sucker for a good pair of New Balances, especially #574.  Sure, you could run in these, but I prefer to use them as more of a statement piece than a truly functional pair of shoes. Some girls use jewelry to add visual interest, I prefer to use sneakers.

They give the outfit a casual feel, and after spending the rest of the day walking around exploring Baltimore with a friend, my feet were definitely thanking me! If sneaks aren’t your vibe, take some stylish freedom and pick some other fashionable footwear you love (I’ve also worn these pants to work with flats and out at night with wedges.)


I’m always seeking out the next happening, whether it be big or small, and I suggest you all do the same. Just as others have graffitied the walls of this alley with their work, design your life as to tag it with experiences, clothe it in adventure, and always keep it colorful! As always, let me know what you think of the outfit & keep the feedback coming!

Until next time, keep it stylish!




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