Urban Deli – Federal Hill


I’m always looking for new places to sit and sip, so when I heard a new spot was opening its door in Federal Hill a block away from my house, I had to check it out.

Urban deli, a cafe/deli catering to all of your breakfast and lunch-time needs, is quaint and full of character. Its gray walls are splashed with bright accent colors and Baltimore-based decor. The morning menu is full of staple breakfast items, providing an array of bagels, pastries, and traditional sandwich options. And when lunch rolls around, there’s an array of customizable chopped salads, soups, and sandwiches.

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I stopped in a few times now, and during my most recent visit, owner Laura McCormack greeted me with a smile and a coffee. After ordering, I congratulated Laura on the chic look of the place and the steady business the place seems to draw. She she told me they are in the process of expanding the cafe to include a back patio for extra seating. As is, there isn’t much room for eating-in, however, there is a window seating with fun, yellow barstools. This is where I hangout, reading a book or people-watching those walking to work in-between sips of my cup of Zeke’s coffee, a Baltimore staple.

Next time you’re in Fed, give Urban Deli a try for a grab-n-go breakfast or light lunch! Check out the rest of what Urban Deli offers here on their website.

Until next time, keep it stylish!




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