Sweet Potato Fries

As I was purusing through the Farmers’ Market the other week, I stumbled across purple (yes, purple) sweet potatoes. Favorite color + favorite food = a must buy.

I’m familiar with other oddly colored fruits and vegetables, but I’ve never heard about/seen these regal spuds before! After I brought them home, I started Googling recipes that incorporated purple sweet potatoes and curiously discovered there are specific recipes for the purple variety of this vegetable. I’m not convinced these recipes are solely for purple sweet potatoes, but rather they can be made with your garden-variety sweet potatoes (but purple sweet potato pie looks way cooler, obviously.)
I took the less creative route and used them to make sweet potato fries during my weekend meal prep! I’m converting myself back to a full primitive diet, with an emphasis on paleo, so I figured this would be a nice transition from Shake Shack to kicking my butt into shape.

I used Cookie + Kate’s recipe as a guide (linked here).

Preheat the oven to 425F. Peel the potatoes and cut them into similarly sized pieces. Throw the raw fries in a bag with your oil + seasonings of choice. Channel your inner TSwift and shake it up. Lay them flat on a dark, nonstick cookie sheet (fries shouldn’t overlap or they won’t turn out crispy – I often use two baking sheets because I made 4+ potatoes worth of fries at once. ) Bake for 10-15 minutes, garnish with other spices, salt, or sugar – and enjoy!

I made mine two different ways: 1) with olive oil + cumin + garlic powder + sea salt + a pinch of brown sugar + a pinch of cinnamon. 2) with olive oil + cumin + garlic powder + sea salt, garnishing with a lot of brown sugar + a sprinkling of cinnamon. They turned out AMAZING either way & I fully anticipate making these manyyyyyy more times!

Whether you’re using traditional (or purple) sweet potatoes, give this recipe a try. It won’t disappoint!

Until next time, keep it stylish!


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