On a trendy-bender

When people ask me to label my sense of style, I struggle binning it into one or two categories. Preppy, boho, trendy, minimalistic, weekend casual, retro – I feel as though my closet contains a plethora of items that when pieced together, can cover any one of these categories. I draw a lot of inspiration from classic, structured lines while always remaining open to (and encouraging!) intriguing and whimsical outfit additions. And from this is where I coined the term ‘eclectically preppy’, my go-to, (made up) adjective when attempting to verbalize my clothing preferences to those who don’t see me often enough to pass their own judgements on my sense of style.

The trendy + boho side of this “eclectically preppy” mindset has been outshining other style-category contributors + it came out when I went shopping recently. Keep reading to get the details + reviews of everything that came home with me last weekend!

Skirting the trend

The first memory I have of a denim skirt was in middle school….when it was cool to wear capri leggings underneath that Hollister/Abercrombie & Fitch distressed, denim skirt your mom paid too much for when she took you back-to-school shopping. Thank God middle school is over, but times haven’t exactly changed. I’m happy to report that this denim number is making a comeback (real question is did it really ever leave?). Skirts with button-up fronts have been at the front of the trends on social media + with celebrities, so it’s not a surprise that this style, seen commonly in suede and corduroy, has been adopted by the denim-obsessed.

On a recent shopping trip, I came across this skirt, and it immediately piqued my interest. One reason being I have one of those aforementioned brown suede button-up skirts, and I love it – I was really interested to see one in denim. Second reason being it was of a decent length + quality so it could easily be made work-appropriate with a shirt and some Keds. Third reason being that it’s a skirt – I find that shorts often accentuate my thighs (a problem area for me) and skirts are usually more flattering because they can sit at my natural waist + have a slimming effect. Hot weather is my least favorite, so I don’t own many summer clothes. I figured this skirt would be a nice addition to my Summer closet and transition well into my Fall closet with an oversized sweater + booties, so I bought it!



In love with the perfect medium wash of this denim skirt from H&M – linked below!

Sandals from Old Navy; similar pairs linked below!

Shop the look:


An overall(s) wardrobe staple

In recent months, I’ve been on the hunt for denim overalls & a denim jumpsuit (if I could find one that fit my thighs 😅) And I’m happy to report that my search is partially over! This past weekend, I found a great pair of denim overalls at H&M. As soon as I confirmed that this blue-babe fit in the proper way, outfit ideas started pouring into my head. Perfect for pairing with a crop top or tank for summer time OR a long-sleeved tee for fall, this wardrobe staple will be getting a ton of much-deserved use.


Shop the look:

  • Denim rompers, H&M ($29-49) [I can’t find this exact one on H&Ms online store, so I linked all of what they have available!]

You can totally find other variations of this item at other stores such as Old Navy, Gap, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, etc. To make life easier, I linked each stores selections – just click on each store above to see their denim rompers + overalls + jumpsuits! Go ahead, jean jumper for joy :*


Lace, and Chokers, and Bralettes, oh my!

One route I often fail to venture down is the avenue of accessories; I’ve never been the female who dedicates a large cabinet to her jewelry + hair accessories + etc. I have staple accessories, and I’m willing to spend a little extra money to ensure that they will accent the majority of potential outfit combinations in my closet + withstand many repeated uses.

But since I’ve been on this boho streak, I decided to indulge a little bit. I love the idea of bralettes (socially acceptable + less-structured replacement for normal bra,) but I’ve had such a hard time finding one that was the perfect balance of comfortable and supportive. I don’t have HUGE boobs, but I definitely have tried on bralettes that give almost no support to the point where I find it uncomfortable. I seize every opportunity NOT to wear a bra in public with clothing that allows such freedom, but I don’t want to spend money on a cute bra-substitute that lends absolutely no support (because then I might as well not be wearing one at all & spend the extra $$ on iced coffee.) See the dilemma?

Well, I finally found my answer –  the Out From Under Lace Halter Bra from Urban Outfitters. Now, I imagine you can find similar variations of a lace, halter bralette at other stores, but I was so excited by the comfort + style + support of this one after trying it on that I had to buy it. Oh, and I threw in a black choker. Because I’ve been wanting one of those too.  I’ve been wearing both non-stop; and I anticipate buying more of both 😉



Available in S, M, L. I am a 36C and a medium fits me comfortably.


I’m so totally in love with the lace detail in black.



Perfect combo of support + sexy

Shop the look:


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As always, thanks for reading! Until next time, keep it stylish!




Another sneak peak at how I styled one of these pieces – I wore my overalls and paired them with a colorful crop top + Kate Spade Keds + choker to Baltimore’s Pride Parade as a proud #ally!


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