Jungle Cat Tees – Dress fly. Change lives.


Image from Jungle Cat Tees Website, “Gotta ‘Dopt ‘Em All” graphic tee.


I am and forever will be an animal person.  I may not have any animals of my own currently, but I love my friends’ and family members’ fur babies like they’re my own. So many of those close to me have adopted their animals because animals in shelters are often overlooked. “Adopt, don’t shop” is a motto that I hear all too often, valuing adopting pets over shopping for designer dogs/cats. Whatever route you choose, it can’t be overlooked that shelters are often underfunded + need support financially and from local volunteers.

So what if you’re looking to adopt (animals) AND shop (for clothes)? Or if you’re like me, you can’t handle a pet right now….BUT you have a shopping problem + you want to help shelter animals?!

Answer: Jungle Cat Tees! Jungle Cat Tees have the cutest selection of animal + food inspired graphic tees, and a portion of every sale goes to help out underfunded shelters around the country. They use their shop “as a platform to give back to our animal friends” because lack of a shelter’s resources actually LOWER adoption rates. And of course we want all out fur babies to find nice and loving homes!

I Need Tacos…

I snagged the “I need tacos ASAP” tshirt, because that statement pretty much sums up my life. So when I saw it, I knew I HAD to have it + it makes me happy that my purchase is giving back beyond just my happiness. Also – the fit is perfect. Each shirt is made with preshrunk cotton in a relaxed fit with slightly tapered sides to remain comfortable, yet flattering!

I rocked it at the 8th Avenue Street Fair this weekend in NYC while devouring some street tacos. I got so many funny comments from strangers asking me where they could find the nearest taco stand (I was like a walking billboard for street Mexican food 😹)



Also, check out some of my other cute blogger friends rocking their Jungle Cat Tees!

Elise from Caturdaystyle.com (@caturdaystyle on IG)

Megan from Soupofthedayblog.com  (@soupppyyy on IG)

SO, if you’re looking to help out fur babies, and add a cute + casual graphic tee to your wardrobe, look no further. JungleCatTees.com is where it’s at!

When you snag one for yourself, put a pic up on Instagram and hashtag it with #JungleCatTees + #StylishlyTaylored because I’d love to see how you styled your tee!

Until next time, keep it stylish!




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