The Elephant – Sip. Slurp. Schmooze.

Ever been to Africa? Yeah, me neither. But I’ve always wanted to go on a safari. Seriously, how badass does a African safari sound? Taylor Thornberry has a nice ring to it. Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! But where the elephant at?? In Baltimore. Literally. No, not at the zoo. The Elephant is Mt. Vernon’s newest restaurant, and a close second in “cool factor” to an actual African safari. But until I can afford that inter-continental adventure, you can find me T-F, 5-7PM at the next best thing, The Elephant’s Happy Hour.

In many cultures, the elephant is a symbol of strength, power, and wisdom. Steven Rivelis and Linda Brown Rivelis, owners of this new Baltimore spot, knew what they were doing when they selected the name for the recently renovated space (forget those lame lions, tigers, and bears!) Formerly The Brass Elephant, The Elephant has retained some of its historic past via the name, but it has also retained a vintage feel via it’s stunning decor. It’s seriously gorgeous – if they told me that there was an admittance fee, I would pay it every single time just to stare at the chandelier in the upstairs lounge (did you really even go to The Elephant if you didn’t Instagram the chandelier? Check it out)

But, name and design aside, the trendy spot does not only relish in the past – and speaking of relish, let’s talk about the real reason I keep going back to their happy hour. The food, duh.

The menu contains many new and creative dishes + cocktails, showing Baltimore the best of both culinary past and cocktail future. “The Elephant” is the name of the restaurant, but let it also serve as a suggestion  — between strong Happy Hour drinks & menu full of powerful flavors curated by Executive Chef Andy Thomas, I’m pretty confident you will leave feeling as though you’ve made some seriously wise life choices.

Food Menu


Salmon Slidersw/ spicy chive aoili

Don’t you hate it when that friend (let’s call him Daniel) assigns something the color “pink” when it’s really “salmon”? Well, it’s cool if you made the mistake of inviting that friend to Happy Hour because you’ll be too busy savoring these salmon sliders to even care that he just asked what the ‘pink stuff’ is in between that ‘yellow bread.’ “It’s gold, Daniel. And it’s a potato bun.”

Yeah, The Elephant’s salmon sliders are more expensive than ear plugs. But damnnnn Daniel, do they taste good. Would swim upstream to eat.


Zucchini Fritters w/ dill mustard sauce

This is in my top 2 favorite dishes off the Happy Hour menu. They may be fried, but then again, probably so are you after a long day at work – and people still wanna eat (err, hangout with?) you, right? Don’t fret. Instead, fritter.

Pro-tip: Each time I come back, I end up getting two orders of these bad boys. They may be fried, but they’re as light as the dill mustard sauce accompanying them. Order accordingly. 


Toasts and Spreadsdaily selection

Happy hours are meant to be enjoyed – so order this perfectly paired dish to spread the love. The carbs and spreadable samplings may change depending on the day, but it’s worth the gamble. Let’s hope you get the baba ganoush, because it was my favorite of the three.

Tandori Chicken Kabobs w/ yogurt, cilantro

You’ll enjoy these kabobs but don’t expect them to skew-er your appetite too much. Filled with flavor but not filling. They’re still worth a try, regardless of their ability to (zucchini) squash your appetite.

IMG_7423 (1)



Lamb Spiced Meatballs w/ pomegranate molasses

Let the meatball sexual innuendos begin. TBH, they’re pretty appropriate because this trio of lamb meatballs is one of the sexiest things I’ve eaten in recent weeks. Order ’em. Before you know it, you’ll be balls deep in The Elephant’s Happy Hour. And trust me, that’s NOT a bad thing. 😉



Crispy Fries w/ drizzled chocolate

Remember when your mom took you to Wendy’s after soccer practice, and you got fries JUST to dip them in your chocolate Frosty? I know I’m not the only one. Relive the good ol’ days, eat your feelings, and drown your sorrows from student loans + mortgages in carbs, salt, and chocolate via the crispy fries topped in drizzled chocolate.

*THIS IS NOT A DRILL* If you do nothing else at The Elephant’s Happy Hour, you must order these fries. I mean, I can’t make you order them….but for $3, you’re only doing yourself a disservice by skipping out on all of the sweet & savory goodness.


Drink Menu

The Elephant’s Happy Hour also has a lot to offer people in terms of alcoholic beverages. Check out the HH menu below!


Dockside Sunrise


Additional $2 to add your rail liquor of choice.

Queen of Cups


As a big gin fan with a new found love for Pimms No.1, I get one of these every time I stop in for happy hour.

Tiffany Punch


Vodka & sparkling wine? Sign me up.


The Space

I have little words to describe the beauty of this space – since pictures are worth 1000, I’ll let them do the talking. If the food and drinks haven’t convinced you to check this place out, hopefully these will.


Thanks for bearing with me on this long post – I enjoy myself each time I return to The Elephant, so I wanted to curate a post, although lengthy, to show you the many reasons why I will return.

Share your pics from visits to The Elephant on Instagram by tagging @thelephantbalt + @stylishlytayloredblog and hash-tagging #StylishlyTaylored. If you’ve already been, I’m curious to hear your thoughts – comment below to share your opinions on the food, drinks, decor, etc!

Until next time, keep it stylish.



I went to HH at The Elephant with @charmcitypretty, @fashionwasherexo, and @officegoth. How cute is this pink room??

I went to HH at The Elephant with @charmcitypretty, @fashionwasherexo, and @officegoth. How cute is this pink room??

2 thoughts on “The Elephant – Sip. Slurp. Schmooze.

  1. Lauren says:

    Hi! Great post! I am down the street from the Elephant at the Belvedere! I’d love to invite you to an event at 13TH Floor next week! We will have some food and lots of Bourbon! I’d love to connect!


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