V.Paperie, V. necessary



Subscription services are all-the-rage right now. You can get anything from dinners to socks to dog toys delivered to you each month, all at the cost of a monthly subscription fee. No shopping – just a few clicks and you’re set on ________ for the month (*insert content of subscription box of your choice here*)

As of September, a new monthly subscription box has thrown their hat into the ring. V.Paperie, a monthly subscription box of “stationary, cards, paper goods, and gifts”, has started sending boxes to subscribers. As a lover (/hoarder, same thing?) of stationary and office supplies, I jumped at the chance to check out the service, courtesy of V.Paperie.

In my September Box: 



A notepad for to-do lists + cute, striped pencils + refrigerator magnet.


Cards for a variety of different monthly occasions.


A notebook for jotting down notes + random thoughts.

I definitely am going to use everything that came in my September Box. To-do lists keep me sane, I have an addiction to notebooks (can you ever have too many? sry trees) , and the cards are perfect for a variety of monthly events. I sent the Happy Birthday card to my momma for her birthday + wrote to check in with a friend with the “Hello” card! Best part? I didn’t even have to go shopping for them – I can’t be the only one who gets overwhelmed by the card aisles of CVS, grocery stores, Hallmarks, etc., right?

Good vibes, positive messages, bright colors, cute designs – V.Paperie is a keeper. It’s also safe to say, that most of the time, these services are luxury purchases. Never a bad thing – this is also why a service like V.Paperie makes great gifts for holidays + special occasions (because it gives you cards for other holidays + special occasions.) Talk about the gift that keeps on giving 😛

Why I really love V.Paperie

Ok, I proudly admit I’m a bit of a grandma. There are few things more appealing to me than bubble baths, decaf coffee at 9 PM, and a stack of handwritten letters. Although considered to be a Millennial, I was raised in the transitional period of the technology takeover. I didn’t have a cell phone until middle school, and I had to share a desktop computer with my parents. Kids these days: “How did you survive?” Amongst the increasing popularity and accessibility of technology, my parents + grandparents instilled in me a love for the little things in life – flower gardens, smiles, love notes. As I get older, and technology is literally at my fingertips, I realize that these little joys have greatly shaped my perspective of the world around me.

Favorite lesson learned: It’s not always about how quick someone gets a message but rather the words contained within it. I’d often stay at my grandparents house as a little girl. I’d wake up on Saturday morning at 9 AM to microwavable pancakes, bacon, and a handwritten note from my grandfather who left for work at 7 AM. Its concise nature was informational about his plans for the day, but the impact of the gesture has never left me. “Headed to the store after work. See you and Taylor when I get home, dear. Love, Al.”

THIS is why I love stationary. Sure, it’s cute (I mean look at those cards…) But that perk is secondary to its primary purposes – to communicate with others around us. Letters and cards are a lost art, and intimate one at that. No one takes the time to sit and write to one another anymore. Hell, no one takes the time to sit and write for themselves anymore. As Notes on our iPhone fill up with to-do lists, inboxes are populated with text messages and emails, our time becomes increasingly valuable because everything around us can and is being done at a faster pace. So, what better way to show someone you care (yourself included) than by     s l o w i n g    d o w n.

I love the idea of V.Paperie. It sounds a tad oxymoronic, but their boxes make slowing down much more efficient. My mind can move a thousand miles a minute, multi-tasking at work; but I when I want to show someone how much they mean to me, I take the time to write those words down on paper. Sometimes I hand deliver a card to a co-worker as a gesture of gratitude, other times I send a card in the mail for a birthday. Regardless, this service gives me an excuse, and a reason, to do it every month.

Stationary, paper products, etc aren’t dead. Write your OMGs and LOLs in cards. Hand write a list of all the emails you need to send. Jot down all your blog posts ideas. Pen and keyboard don’t need to be enemies – in fact, I think they work quite well together 🙂

So try V.Paperie out for a month, see how you like it. Give as a gift to a friend (the holidays are coming up!) or better yet, to yourself. Click here to subscribe! When you get your box, post a picture of how you slow down and put pen to paper! And be sure to tag @vpaperie, @stylishlytayloredblog, and utilize the hashtag #stylishlytaylored so we can see!

Until next time, keep it stylish.



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