Pick me!


In case you haven’t already gathered, FALL IS MY FAVORITE SEASON. Life is so good when it’s in the mid-60s and sunny. And it’s even better when you can frolic through apple orchards and pumpkin patches in leggings, sweaters, and boots with your friends.

I loved venturing to patches of pumpkins as a little girl and attempting to lift up a misshapen, orange spheres larger than my body (although I only have photographic evidence of me in a strawberry field – scroll to bottom to see that gem…) Yes, today these activities can often turn into more of a backdrop for cliche Instagram pictures (see above), but my inner child still loves picking apples and pumpkins for homemade applesauce, pumpkin butter, strudels, breads, pies, breads, and of course, interior + exterior decorations! (I just post the pictures on Insta after I leave 💁🏼)

I, along with old + new friends from the DMV area, went apple picking this past weekend at Stribling Orchard in Markham, VA! Come September, the orchard, with 30 acres of apple trees and 15 acres of peach trees, welcomes visitors to wander the orchard, pick apples, pose with pumpkins, drink hot cider, and purchase donuts (along with other baked goods and products) from their store!


We picked up the apple retrieving apparatus pictured below (does anyone know what this contraption is actually called??) and got to work!

Things I found surprising:

  • The variety of apples available on a single orchard (OVERWHELMED)
  • The amount of apples in our half-bushel (who needs that many apples?)
  • The cost of a half-bushel ($30?)
  • The number of ‘ugly’ apples found on the ground under each tree – usually sacrificed in pursuit of the picture perfect one found at the top of the tree (naturally)

So – GET OUT THERE AND PICK. The weather has been gorgeous lately, and even if you don’t like apples or pumpkins (I kinda hope that doesn’t apply to anyone,) it’s totally an excuse to to dress up cute, get some fresh air, take in the scenery, and snap a few photos at an orchard near you!


Post any pics of your fall activities on Instagram? Tag them with #StylishlyTaylored to join the feed of life’s everyday adventures!!

Until next time, keep it stylish.


Taylor (and here’s that pic I promised…)

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