Black & tan


Helllllllo October! Fall weather has been in full swing here in Baltimore (even despite this freak heat wave happening right now? Wtf is up with that Mother Nature?) But really, I can’t complain because besides the few sunny, 80-degree days, the mid-60 degree temps have me breaking out my jeans, booties, sweaters, scarves, and happy music.

Since we’re still in this ‘transitional’ time of year, I decided to take the mini-skirts of Summer and combine them with the fabulous long-sleeves of Fall for this fun, Autumn look. (Afraid you’ll get cold? When the weather starts to get colder, add tights + thigh-high boots and you’re covered!)


Bodysuit: Urban Outfitters // Skirt: Forever 21, shop similar here // Shoes: Franco Sarto via Marshalls, shop similar here // Choker: Urban Outfitters // Necklace: Sophie Harper via Rocksbox

I’m a corduroy-lover at heart with an addiction to body-suits and fetish for the color chestnut.  When I bought these Franco Sarto boots from Marshalls (on clearance!), I didn’t even think about pairing them with this skirt. But, after re-organizing my closet, I stumbled across this skirt I bought last year. I decided together, they would make for some fun, Fall color-blocking; so, for contrast, I paired them with my black, deep V-neck body suit + black choker (v trendy, v big fan.)


The perfect pink wall in Brewer’s Hill!


What do you think – like? love? have other outfit ideas? I’d love to hear your fashionable feedback via the comments below!

Love my necklace? Thank Rocksbox! Their stylists nailed my taste right on the head. Wanna try the designer jewelry service for yourself? On the fence about if it’s worth it? Use my code ‘stylishlytayloredblogxoxo’ at Checkout to get one month FREE! (That way you can decide if it’s right for you, your style, and your budget!)

Want more StylishlyTaylored looks? Check out the rest of my Wandering Wardrobe! Post pics of your own ‘wandering wardrobe’ on Instagram and don’t forget to tag it #StylishlyTaylored!

Until next time, keep it stylish!




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