Brunch at City Perch


As the wise Matt Bellassai from Youtube’s ‘Wine About It’ once said, “Brunch is not a meal. Brunch is a battle, and I’m winning.” Brunch is forever my favorite meal, and it’s hard for me to leave a brunch feeling less-than-stellar (the bottomless dranks usually also help with those feelings of victory.) So, when I was invited to try City Perch – Bethesda’s new brunch menu, I was stoked to try it out.

Located in North Bethesda’s Pike & Rose complex, City Perch – Bethesda provides visitors with a Seasonal American Dining experience, creating playful dishes and drinks with many locally-sourced ingredients.


City Perch’s new brunch menu ft. Brunch Box!

They have recently revamped their brunch menu, introducing a new Brunch Box concept along with new sides and dish add-ons such as truffles and caviar. The Brunch Box allows guests to pair an entrée with their choice of a beverage (coffee, tea, house punch, homemade sangria, mimosa, bellini, moscow mule, or bloody mary) for a total of $19.99. Any drink can be upgraded to bottomless for an additional $10. Talk about a deal.

As you’ll see in the pictures to follow, $19.99 gets you a good amount of food. And $10 for bottomless drinks is comparable (in some cases, even cheaper) than you’ll find at even the cheapest brunch spots.


I opted for one Moscow Mule with my meal (no bottomless for me this time!) I was actually surprised to see this drink as an option because many brunch spots force guests to participate in the mimosa/bloody mary show down. Guests can choose from many drink options (see above) to pair with their Brunch Box. My guest opted for bottomless mimosas with his meal.


Moscow mule from City Perch’s new brunch menu.

For the table + sides

As I looked at the menu before arriving, I wanted to try the Babka Monkey Bread or the Crispy Latke Fries. Together, my guest and I decided upon the monkey bread. It came with a hazelnut chocolate sauce (think Nutella), perfect for drizzling over the coffee/cocoa/cinnamon-baked goodness.

It was a sweet start to brunch, however, I would warn future guests that this dish is definitely for those with an active sweet tooth. If your tastes are savory rather than sweet, consider the Crispy Latke Fries as an alternative starter!

Note: Starters aren’t included in the Brunch Box price, so if you’re looking to monkey around with this side, you’ll have to pay an extra $4.


Babka Monkey Bread with Nutella drizzle from City Perch’s new brunch menu.



The monkey bread didn’t last very long – it was delicious!



Our Brunch Box spread was honestly picture perfect (both the lighting and the food was on point.)

My guest ordered the Brunch Burger, but nixed the fried egg on top. I personally thought he was a weirdo, but he said it was the candied bacon on top of the burger that was the real star of the show. His meal was accompanied by a mixed-green salad with a light vinaigrette dressing.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict (my favorite brunch dish EVER.) BUT, in true Maryland fashion, I turned the standard eggs benny up a few notches by adding crab cakes to my meal. After being in Maryland for almost 2 years, I learned the key to a good crab cake is the lack of filling between a lot of fresh crab meat. Oh, and a lot of Old Bay. I’m happy to report the City Perch crab cakes checked all the boxes (That hollandaise? Yeah, it’s got Old Bay in it.) To top it all off, they paired it with baked asparagus + I couldn’t have been happier with my choice.


Our spread from City Perch’s new brunch menu!


Brunch burger from City Perch’s new brunch menu!


Brunch Burger + Crab Eggs Benedict


Crab Cake Eggs Benedict from City Perch’s new brunch menu.


Served with asparagus + topped with Old Bay hollandaise.


Serious yolk porn.


We tried something a little special for dessert – the Black & Blue Pot Pie dessert special of the day (not on the regular dessert menu.)  It was blackberry compote + blueberry compote +  caramel whipped cream, covered in a puffed pastry and topped with berry swirl gelato.

I’m not a huge fan of fruit-based desserts, but this was good. Honestly, my favorite part was the gelato on top – definitely could have eaten an entire bowl of it (I almost asked if I could buy a pint to take home…..)

But, if you’re looking to get something sweet post-brunch, I was told by the manager that Chocolate Donut is a best-seller + fan favorite!


Black & blue pot pie dessert special from City Perch.


Overall, the upscale dining environment (complete with an outdoor patio for those days when it’s not 50-degrees and windy) and polite wait-staff made for a great experience. Thank you to City Perch – Bethesda for having me! I definitely left feeling like a winner.

If you’re in the DMV area, especially a Marylander in the DMV, I suggest giving City Perch – Bethesda a try for brunch. While you’re at it, stay for a movie at the adjoining iPic theatre or wander the Pike & Rose complex for some shopping  (be warned – if you’re like me, those bottomless drinks pose a dangerous threat to your wallet at the neighboring Gap, Francesca’s, and Nike stores.)

Looking for more bargain brunch spots for the D.C./DMV area? Check out my post Brunchin’ D.C. (Done Cheap).

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And don’t forget to share your brunch pics + fashionable foodie shots with me on Instagram by tagging them with #StylishlyTaylored!

Until next time, keep it stylish.




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