Time for Fall accessories (& a giveaway!)


JORD Women’s Watch in Dark Sandalwood & Slate 

Balancing a coffee addiction, a full-time job in research, and a lifestyle blog isn’t easy. My life requires a timepiece that can keep up with my commitments & have me look good doing it. Good thing my new wood watch from JORD is a dime-piece of a timepiece; it’s a serious must have accessory for keeping you on time & in style!

Accessorizing is an art – I’ve never quite mastered (or felt comfortable in) bolder jewelry and bags. On the contrary, I pride myself on having a great eye for pieces with classic colors and understated styles. I like to ensure my pieces can complement an array of outfits and be multi-purposed. 

My devout readers (I hope there’s at least one of you out there….) have heard me mention this time and time, again. They also may remember that my favorite color is brown. Yes, brown – chestnut to be more specific. There’s something about the spectrum of earth tones and neutrals that really appeals to me. So, when I look for items for my everyday wardrobe, I tend to gravitate (most of the time, unconsciously) toward browns, grays, greens, navys, and golds.

So when combining my taste for understated accessories with my preference for neutral colors, what do you get? Some pretty dope shit – like this wood watch from JORD Wood Watches.

Wood Watch

“Moments are bigger than minutes and your watch should tell more than time.”

This unique watch doesn’t only help me keep track of time during the day, but it truly acts as a statement piece. As I started wearing my timepiece around the lab, my coworkers started asking me about it. They were intrigued at the concept of a wood watch, yet loved the idea of something so different from the status quo.

Whether you’re looking for a men’s watch or women’s watch, JORD has you covered. With 10+ series to choose from, JORD’s wood watches fit a wide range of styles and price points. Every watch comes custom fit (they provide an easy-sizing ruler!) + each watch arrives in an awesome wooden box.

Cool watch, cool packaging, cool mantra. Sold. 


JORD Women’s Watch in Dark Sandalwood & Slate 


JORD Wood Watch in Dark Sandalwood & Slate


Not only do I dig these watches for myself, but with the holidays coming up, I’m also loving them as gift ideas! We all need help when it comes to gift ideas (and not procrastinating buying them…) Snag a women’s watch for Mom or a sister. Grab a men’s watch for a son or a boyfriend (because men are impossible to buy for and a unique watch is both stylish and practical!)



What’s cooler than a cool watch from JORD? The chance to win a $75 e-voucher toward a unique watch of your own! AND GET THIS – everyone who enters (yes, everyone!) gets a $20 e-voucher automatically emailed to them. SCORE. 


Hurry hurry, contest closes November 13th, 2016 @ 11:59PM!


GIVEAWAY!!! Win $75 toward a men’s watch or women’s watch, see above for entry details!



The perfect travel accessory!


Until next time, keep it stylish! (Psssst! Did you enter the giveaway?? 😉)




This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. 

Wooden Wristwatch

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