Thanksgiving & giving thanks


Thanksgiving kicks off a festive, Holiday-filled month dedicated to gathering, cooking, (eating,) and spreading love. It’s arguably the best time of year because life is a little less about you and a little more about us. In college, us used to be whichever family adopted me because traveling home to Pennsylvania wasn’t feasible for my school’s short Thanksgiving break. As each Turkey Day passed, and the next arrived, I became less concerned with missing my family back home; and I became more appreciative of the families who offered to take in a stranger and treated me as one of their own.

Last year, I again spent Thanksgiving away from home – this time in Baltimore with friends and Chinese food. Not the worst gig, honestly. But this year… This year, I was lucky enough to spend the holiday with my aunt, uncle, and cousins – a luxury I haven’t had in approximately 5 years. Admittedly, I missed my mom and wish I could have traveled to visit my dad, but after many years of spending Turkey Day with neither of my parents, I’ve learned to love the variety.

I’ve seen so many homes, AM hangover cures, pre-meal traditions, serving dishes, renditions of cranberry sauce, post-meal activities, etc. And this year, as with all the others, I was greeted with a warm welcome and left with a full stomach & heart.


I’ve made it very apparent that I love to eat (who doesn’t?) Our Thanksgiving meal was cooked by my aunt, a chef, so safe to say it was phenomenal. My excitement, and hunger, increased as each piece of our lunch was being put into serving dishes. What did we eat? Our spread included turkey and traditional sides – stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranber — well, why tell you when I can show you?



The masterpiece #plateporn


The meal was rounded out by a walk through Downtown Frederick, MD (the cutest little town – reminds me so much of my home in Lancaster + Lititz, PA.) After we returned from walking off some of those lbs., we settled in to pumpkin pie + coffee + Zootopia. It honestly was the coziest of Thanksgivings.

Besides showing off pictures of our delicious meal, I wrote this post to remind you that the Holidays are about us. Although I wish the world would approach daily life as they do November 1st-January 1st, I cherish this time of year because the holidays rekindle our faith in strangers, remind us of our commonalities, and help to dismiss the differences we often over-emphasize the other 10 months of the year.

I thank the many who have allowed me in your house over the holidays, I am forever grateful for your hospitality and kind hearts. And when I get a home, or a space large enough to fit you all, you will forever be welcomed in mine.

Until next time, spread love.



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