Holiday Casual

I got invited to my first creative meet-up recently, hosted by photographer Maura Belton & attended by other photographers and fellow bloggers. I attempted to have my outfits for the shoots planned out in advance, but I was having some serious challenges deciding on what to bring/wear for such an event. I waited until the last possible minute (ok, last possible 10 minutes) before leaving to make a hasty decision. I knew I wanted a black outfit but 1) I had no clue which black items to bring 2) if black would even go with the props and scenery available to me 3) how much black was too much black (always a trick question but I second-guessed myself)

Time was running out when I saw my black, long-sleeved sequined-top sitting in my closet, a staple in my Holiday wardrobe for the past 6 years (because yes, I’ve owned it that long). My instinct told me that it would make for some fun, visual interest in a picture. I already had my new, black distressed denim in my bag so I grabbed a pair of black shoes and bolted to meet up for pre-shoot breakfast with Rosemary from The Office Goth.

The result was way better than my frantic-self could have anticipated. All photos were shot by Billie McCain – and I want to give a seriously HUGE shoutout to her for braving the cold to snap these shots. It took about 15-20 minutes to capture these gems + we immediately rushed inside to regain feeling in our hands.



In the process of randomly throwing things into my bag, I came to the realization that was really unhappy with the status of my closet. Being overly critical, I told myself the stereotypical ‘I have nothing to wear.’ But as I received and reflected on the photos from this shoot, I realized that this outfit would be perfect for any casual Holiday gathering.

Sometimes you just have to trust your style-instict and stay true to what catches your eye. Whether you’re meeting up with friends for a Holiday Happy Hour or attending a NYE party, people often forget that dresses aren’t the ONLY option for festive gatherings! If you want something different than a LBD, but aren’t into jumpsuits, consider wearing a monochromatic top + bottom set this Holiday season. I’m a big fan of unique – and I think this type of outfit is definitely a deviation from the Holiday-style status quo.

Top – JCrew (old), shop similar from JCrew Factory // JeansVialumi via Amazon in ‘Black’ // Shoes – Forever 21 (old), shop similar from Forever 21


Like the look? Not for you? Let me know what you think + what style you’re feeling for the Holidays!

You can also check out more looks from my Wandering Wardrobe HEREI’d love to see pics of your wandering wardrobe too – if you post, be sure to tag me at @stylishlytaylored and utilize the hashtag #stylishlytaylored! And check out Billie on Instagram while you’re at it!


Until next time, keep it festive!




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