Black with Vintage Fur

In college, I used to be the epitome of preppy. My ‘sorority President’ look relied heavily on my Vineyard Vines and J.Crew pieces when walking to & from classes – but as I’ve become older, and grown into my skin (and my style) as a confident, self-loving woman, my closet has appropriately shifted gears. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my classically preppy VV Shep Shirts and J.Crew chinos, but I’ve really allowed myself to follow my eye toward what I like instead of limiting myself to a style ‘category’. So, as I’m shooting new looks, I’m drawn to a new realm of style. I’ve always love the unique-cohesiveness of pairing unconventional items; so in recent self-styling efforts, I’ve followed my gut to style myself as I want to be styled. This means I’ve attempted to combine my love for classic structure with my eye for vintage & glamorous pieces.

This is the result, folks.



I consider myself to be a confident woman. Confidence doesn’t only refer the contentment I have with myself but also my contentment with the right for others’ to have opinions. I’m a fan of tasteful (a completely subject term) flaunting of assets, so expect future looks to have some percentage of sex-appeal. I think this is a part of growing into your body – we begin to wear things that are sexy for different reasons. It’s no longer about the lack of clothing (I think back to what I wore out in college and cringe); rather, it’s about wearing that which highlights what we have – not in an effort to prove that we have it, but because we’re proud that we do. Wear what makes you feel good – and let ’em talk.

Lastly, as someone fresh out of college on a grad school student’s salary, I’m a firm believer in buying within your budget. This camel coat with fur collar is vintage, thrifted for under $35. And my shirt + skirt together cost less than $20. The boots were an old purchase, but I believe they ran me around $30 (but have lasted at least 2 years after a fair amount of use.)


Shop similar pieces:

I snagged my shirt, skirt, jewelry (recent) and boots (old) at Forever 21. The coat was vintage. Shown below are similar pieces I’ve found for you to recreate this look – ALL can be found at Forever 21!

A HUGE shoutout to Jess Mason, JayMay, for these photos. I freaked out when she posted on Instagram looking for people to shoot a few weekends ago. I had met her at the Charm Collectiv Summer Soiree at Bear Fox Babe in Ellicot City over the summer – we exchanged words and social media handles, but little did/does she know I instantly fell in love with her aesthetic. So, as she receptively responded to my nervously “I’m available!” direct message on Instagram, I did a little happy dance. BOY AM I GLAD I MESSAGED HER. Do you see these photos??? I am amazed – I could not have imagined capturing this look any better than she has.

Check out her work via Instagram (@jayyymayphotos) and her new website (peep ya gurl on that Lifestyle page!)

How are you feeling about the slightly different style? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

You can also check out more looks from my Wandering Wardrobe HEREI’d love to see pics of your wandering wardrobe too – if you post, be sure to tag me on Instagram (@stylishlytaylored) and utilize the hashtag #stylishlytaylored!

Until next time, keep it street.




14 thoughts on “Black with Vintage Fur

  1. Carisa says:

    Tayyyyylor!!!!!! I am loving this look! I love the levels of texture in this look and polished sexiness. You look so comfortable in your own skin and I love it!! (Also, you and Jess make a great photography team.)

    I can’t wait to see more of your new style realm!

    xoxo, Carisa


    • stylishlytaylored says:

      Carisaaaaa!!! Thank you so much for the kind words – I thought it was fun to play with texture since the look was relatively monochromatic. I love the black + camel look so I thought this shoot would be the perfect time to try it out!



  2. Tiffany @ Parsnips + Pastries says:

    Wow, awesome find! You are killing this look. Love the different textures and fabrics and that black is so sleek! ❤


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