Thursday Thoughts, Wk 1 – tattoos.

Do people with tattoos like when I compliment their ink? Or inquire about a piece’s meaning?

Those with tattoos, how often do you encounter these situations? Does your responsiveness to these types of questions depend on the reason you got the tattoo? Or rather how it’s approached by the person asking? Is each tattoo a separate entity?

My mind wandered at work, and I had a discussion with myself about this… Sometimes I find myself shouting at friends (and random people) with tattoos, telling them ‘HOW COOL’ their pieces look haha. I’ve always wanted tattoos but could never find something I’d want on my body for the rest of my life. So I slightly envy (buy mostly admire) those with the commitment and conviction.

PPL WITH TATTOOS: Feel free to weigh in. I’m just curious more than anything…

Thought on 1.5.17 

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts, Wk 1 – tattoos.

  1. Rosemary says:

    for me, i hate when people ~*touch me to look at my tattoos, i hate when people ask me how i’m going to feel about my tattoos when i’m old and i hate when people make vulgar comments towards me bc i have tattoos.

    i wind up answering a lot of the same questions, which i’m sure most tattooed people do, ie, “did that hurt?” and things along those lines. if people enjoy my body art and are polite about it, i don’t have a problem with chatting or explaining stuff – not that my tattoos have any super deep meanings, haha.


  2. Elise says:

    I don’t mind getting asked about any tattoos it can only be annoying if someone comes off vulgar/rude about them, which isn’t vest often. I enjoy a nice comment about the style or questions about what they mean by sincere people. 🙂


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