Thursday Thoughts, Wk 3 – Scheduling

I was supposed to post this on Thursday (hence the Thursday Thoughts) but this week has been crazy hectic. My Thursday was no different, I left my house at 7:30 AM until I didn’t get home until 11 PM. And in those 15 hours I was not thinking about anything other than the next task to complete or event on my schedule (which means I had no real Thursday Thought.)

So, I’m thinking + writing about it on a Saturday, when I have time to breathe, sit still, reflect, and write.

How do you prevent from over-booking yourself? Naturally, some days at work can be easy and others more challenging, but with limited time in my schedule (after work and on weekends,) I find I have to over-book myself to get things done.

Group events are often planned on nights that work with multiple schedules; and when those events line up on the same night as other events, do you simply say ‘no’ or do you fit them all into your schedule?

I’ve posted before about learning to say no and doing what’s best for you, but it’s a double-edged sword. And I’m revisiting this discussion because I’m still struggling with it (and I always will.) Going to networking events, social meet-ups, business meetings are all beneficial to me (in a way being what’s ‘best for me’) — but wearing myself down is definitely not in my best interest.

To tackle this, I’ve thought about limiting myself to a set number of events, one event per day after work and two per day on weekends. This limits the space in my schedule and helps me save money by putting expenses like dinners, coffee-dates, and Ubers on a regular schedule.

Here are my questions:

  • If you struggle with this, do you even realize you’re over-working yourself?
  • What tactics do you take to mediate this issue? Do you even see it as an issue?
  • How do you think we find a balance between what’s best for us physically, mentally, and career-wise?

As always, any insight would be greatly appreciated. Be sure to check out the first two weeks of my Thursday Thoughts, and let me know your opinions on my random thoughts!

Until next time, keep questioning.




2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts, Wk 3 – Scheduling

  1. RO says:

    I have a tendency to get a little unorganized, so another blogger friend suggested a Planner. Hers has these neat stickers Once I jumped on board, and found the perfect Planner, it’s been really fun and simple to do.


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