Modernly retro street-style ft. Coach Saddle Bag

Clothes are one of the most personal ways to express oneself – therefore, I take every opportunity to have mine to say something unique. I’ve always loved owning things that are different; hand-made, custom-made, or vintage-store finds. These items, although cool, have a tendency not to be considered “trendy”. But I’ve always been ok with that, subjectively I think they’re dope (and I’m the one wearing them!)

The real fun is had when you find vintage-inspired pieces, such as this midi-length, tweed pencil skirt, and attempt to make them trendy. I feel like my counterparts in their young-20s attempt to wear as little clothing as possible (hey, that’s what this age is for!) but I tend not to follow suit (I had that phase in college, trust me haha)

So when I stumbled on this vintage-inspired skirt while searching the clearance rack at H&M in the Tysons Corner Mall, I knew I had to buy it. It was my style for a great price, and at first glance, it definitely had #OOTD potential. It sat in my room for awhile, and one day when Baltimore decided to be sunny & freezing instead of overcast/raining, I asked a friend to shoot this look. Well, I asked her to shoot a look – I wasn’t sure what to wear, actually. I tried on some other things but ended up grabbing the skirt and pairing it with this crop top, chunky gold chain, and my fav fedora (duh.)

I loved the resulting look, it’s simultaneously modern with major vintage vibes. I’ve gotten a lot of awesome feedback from you all on the styling, and I’ve also received a lot of questions on how I put this look together. I will unhelpfully tell you all that it kinda just popped into my head — there wasn’t much debate on my end because when I mentally scanned my closet’s inventory, my mind just naturally paired these pieces together.

The skirt feels thrifty (H&M); the crop top makes it modern and young (Forever 21); the hat adds a vintage touch (Bollman Hats); the studded black stilettos add sophistication in the sexiest of ways (Sam Edelman Circus); the chunky gold chain makes me feel badass (J.Crew Factory); and the color and style of my Coach saddle bag pairs perfectly to make one killer, retro street-style look.





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My saddle bag was a gift from Coach –  and I can’t say enough good things about it. The color is gorgeous (a tad more burgundy than the above picture shows); its size is perfect for a over-the-shoulder bag (bigger than most but not bulky); and its two compartments make it great for organizing allllll of your purses’ contents.

Love this street look and want to see more? Follow along with more vintage-inspired looks over on Instagram + shop more of my looks here. Post a pic? Hashtag it with #StylishlyTaylored so I can admire how you make retro sexy!

Until next time, keep it stylish.



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