Thursday Thoughts, Wk. 6 – Why wifi  

Okay – so after moving, I inadvertently started a ‘social’ experiment for myself. Once I moved into my new place (sorry I skipped Week 5 of this series, moving took over my entire life last week,) I realized I had moved, organized, and settled everything into a space without internet.  I had meant to call the internet/cable company before moving, but I had a lot of other things on my mind and this was one that slipped through the cracks. TV wasn’t so much of a big deal because I didn’t plan on having cable regardless – I don’t watch enough television to make that expense worth it. But I do watch Netflix, and that’s run off of the internet. In today’s world the internet seems to be as essential to life as the air we breathe so I can’t believe I didn’t rush to get it set up. The fact that I didn’t got me thinking about my priorities.

So I thought to myself: Do I really need it?

I’ve been cutting expenses, purging my closet, and attempting to rid my life of unnecessary things (nothing like a move to reevaluate life.) There are a ton of places with wifi, my favorite coffee shops being some of them, so what are the advantages/disadvantages in keeping wifi out of my home? And doing work in other places instead of curled up in bed? Here’s what I came up with.


  • It forces me out of the house.
  • It pairs perfectly with my love for urban exploring.
  • It turns my home space into home (minimal work allowed.)
  • It forces me to be more productive when I actually am working on posts + sending emails (because their closing times act as hard deadlines for me.)
  • It encourages me to spend my time at home differently – reading books instead of watching tv, more time-consuming recipes for cooking, and going to bed earlier instead of pointlessly staying up to watch episodes of a show I’ve seen 15 times.
  • SAVING MONEY. Internet alone is about $60 a month, but after a year, that really adds up ($720 a year.) Even if I can make it 1-2 months, saving some extra dollars never hurt.


  • I can’t Netflix binge The Office continuously.
  • My cell phone bill may increase — need to watch how much data is being used just by checking + posting on social media.
  • I have to spend money at the places where I work (could end up equaling the $60/mo cost savings mentioned in Advantages.)
  • I can’t do any large volume work ‘in the moment’ so fleeting ideas need to be documented/written down before I forget them (I can use my phone for some things, like answering emails and making small edits, but I can’t handle typing on my phone keyboard for everything.)
  • Without wifi access at home, I don’t have the option to work 24/7 (not that I do now, but I couldn’t even if I wanted.)


There are lots of other things to be considered (advantages AND disadvantages) – and if you can think of any others, please feel free to comment them below. The amount of time I spend working on things will decrease, but I think my productivity will actually increase because I’m forcing myself to get things done before settling in for the night. I’m really pushing myself in the new year to work harder, and develop my brand, and for now, I think this is a step in the right direction.

We’ll see how it goes + how long I last without going crazy.


My questions:

  • Know anyone doing something similar?
  • Do you really think we need to be connected to the internet 24/7?
  • Am I totally crazy for doing this?
  • Follow up: I don’t think I’m crazy because I’m curious why don’t more of us don’t disconnect from the world around us and use our home as a sanctuary from the hustle + bustle?
  • Any suggestions on books or other sanity-saving activities for my free-time?


Until next time, keep it 4G.




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