5 Baltimore Instagram accounts to follow Right. Now.

I find Instagram to be one of the most interesting social media platforms. You can see many sides of a person – his/her aesthetic, likes, priorities, travels, – just by what’s posted on his/her IG grid. And I don’t know about you, but every time I open Instagram, I find a new account to follow.

Besides following some of my blogger idols (@oliviajeanette_  from TheCorporateCatwalk.com and @juliahengel from GalMeetsGlam.com to name a couple,) I like to follow other awesome accounts, offering diversity and depth to my feed. We all have different interests and intents when it comes to using social media. Sure, I take pictures in + blog about clothes. But I also like to write about food, adventures, coffee, and those things that give me inspiration – one of those things being other Creatives in my community.

Baltimore is awesome because its Creatives community – filled with bloggers, artists, photographers, wanderers – is so supportive of one another. I find myself following new Baltimore accounts everyday because other people are posting about them. And I love it. When I open my Instagram and scroll through my feed, I’m focused on looking at the content from those that I’ve already followed – and I often forget to keep looking past what’s put in front of me! (Who else falls into that lazy trap?)

Sometime it’s nice to branch out and expand our sources of inspiration. And I thought I’d encourage you to do just that by giving you 5 cool Baltimore-based Instagram accounts that I think deserve a follow. Think of it as seeing Baltimore through 5 new sets of eyes (and the lenses in front of them.)

I’ve linked the accounts below.  Click, scroll – if you’re into it, give ’em a follow.

Stains On the Sidewalk (@stainsonthesidewalk) – 

This account is dedicated to a project “Remembering the Stains on the Sidewalk: An Exploration of Homicide in Baltimore City. Same Day. Same Time. Same Place. One Year Later.” The account instantly hit me as one everyone should follow – the curator of this account risks his/her life to take these shots . And it’s a daily memorial for those who have lost their lives at the hands of another in Baltimore City.

Sebastian Marin (@sebasmarin) –

I can’t give you more of a reason to follow Sebastian’s account other than just looking at his feed. Ultimate grid goals.

Phyllis Langley (@lifeofphylly) –

Phyllis’ content + angles + editing makes @lifeofphylly one awesome account, highlighting how dope the every day scenes in Baltimore can be.

View this post on Instagram

01.01.17 / look at things differently ✨

A post shared by phyllis langley (@lifeofphylly) on

Dave F. (@spoticusphotography) –

Dave’s photography is crazy — it’s another account you just have to look at. My words won’t do it justice.

Steph Stillwell (@stephstillwell) –

Steph’s is a freelance illustrator & surface designer with one cool Etsy shop. Her Instagram is filled with her designs that you can buy (!!!) via patches, cards, and pillows. Plus her pictures always give my IG feed the perfect pop of color.

While you’re following this collection of talented ‘grammers, don’t forget to follow me over at @stylishlytaylored. I promise to tryyyy to keep up with these cool kids!

Until next time, keep scrolling through that feed!



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