Bite Beauty x StylishlyTaylored – #TheLipPencil


I’ve been in love with Bite Beauty for awhile. But I’ve definitely always been behind the curve when it comes to getting into the makeup scene. Even in the midst of my naivety, my love for Bite started when I wasn’t in to wearing a ton of products on my face. Their lipsticks were being featured in Sephora stores, and I bought a variety pack of double-ended, dual color lipsticks on the premise that their products are all-natural + used to make a diverse (and gorgeous) set of lip-colors.

Their motto is “Bite is beauty for lips that’s good enough to eat” – so if you’re someone who likes to know what exactly is in your makeup, considering reading these two independent reviews of Bite by Vegan Chao and Sarita Coren. They’ll give you all the deets on the accuracy of Bite’s claim to be “all natural” (Spoiler alert: their about as effin natural as you can get in the makeup world.)

So, when I heard that Influenster was hooking me up with the Lip Pencil Bite VoxBox, I was intrigued, excited, and honestly, a little nervous. I already loved Bite lip stick, but I felt as though using a lip pencil was a little bit out of my league. I’m still getting used to wearing lipstick on a normal basis, and I just upgraded into liquid lip territory. I wasn’t quite ready for the next level of a lip pencil because the only thing I thought of was looking like a drag queen at work with lined levres.


Good thing I was wrong. When I got my VoxBox, I saw that the lip pencils + lip sticks were paired. Hallelujah! This took one step out of the equation (pairing) – regardless, I asked around to some of my makeup guru friends about how lip pencils work. They simply said that lip pencils are intended to give more definition (or an outline) to lips, – they work in conjunction with lip stick/gloss or can be used to fill in the entirety of your lips if the pencil is the appropriate (smooth + creamy) texture.

I liked that the two colors I got in were such a stark contrast. I was definitely feeling the neutral color (Whiskey lipstick + 020 lip pencil) because I’m used to wearing more subtle shades on my lips. The other (darker) set of lip pencil + lip stick (Licorice lipstick + 044 lip pencil) looked a tad intimidating. The makeup world is new to me, but a dark lip is even more foreign.



So one Sunday, when all my plans got cancelled, I decided to stay home and try on my Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche products. Putting on makeup ‘for fun’ is something I never do (because makeup is expensive and I don’t like to waste it!) but after this experience, you may find me doing it more often.

I stared at that intimidating dark lip and said, “Why not?”Few things truly intimidate me in life — and lipstick was not going to be one of them. I put it on, and after a solid 10 minutes of staring at myself in the mirror, trying to put what I saw in my reflection into words, I concluded that I had FALLEN. IN. LOVE. So so so hard that I had to do an impromptu self-portrait shoot (s/o to self-timer for helping me capture how glam I felt.)


The texture was creamy and smooth; both the lip pencil and lipstick went on smoothly and evenly. None of the products dried out my lips AND they lasted for hours (another pet peeve of mine when it comes to lip products – I didn’t buy it only to have to reapply every hour??) And despite my initial hesitation, a dark lip is so badass glam.

Do you use lip pencils? Have you ever used Bite Beauty lip products? To both: what are your thoughts? As for Bite, I was a customer before, but after this amazing experience courtesy of Influenster, I’m definitely a customer for life!

Be sure to share your experience with their new line on Instagram by tagging your pictures #TheLipPencil, and tag me (@stylishlytaylored) so I can see all the glam, too!

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