Thursday Thoughts, Wk 8: Stints of stress and short-term solutions 

If you’re human, you get stressed out. Whether it’s from work, personal endeavors, or what to wear on Saturday night, stress is apart of everyday life. Although a lot of our day-to-day stress is short-lived, there are times where our stress comes in larger waves than we’d like to admit or can handle (reference: ever had a week-long stress bender at work?)

Currently experiencing this overwhelming feeling. So, it got me thinking, how do we handle stints of stress? I’d go out on a limb to say that handling such a feeling is subjective — each of us take on stress differently.

When I feel like I’m drowning in work or emotion, I like to escape by doing one (or all) of 4 things: disconnecting, listening to music, cooking, and writing. 

Disconnecting helps me to avoid being further stressed out by the world around me. I usually neglect texting people back and avoid social media. The only thing that I’m active on is Spotify — cue my Apartment Chill Playlist. Indie pop + chill music has an immeasurable influence on my mood, so this is one of the key factors in perking up my temperament. I probably stopped at the grocery store before turning on that playlist; experimenting in my kitchen is another form of stress relief for me. Why? Because if you’ve had some experience cooking, it’s hard to completely bomb a dish (unlike baking, cooking gives someone a ton of artistic freedom to concoct something unique from a variety of ingredients.) Lastly, I write. This blog is one form of stress-relief for me. Venting about my shortcomings and sharing my thoughts, likes, and experiences with you all is a cathartic experience.

Now, if you’re experiencing this stress long-term,I suggest seeking other solutions. Your body is not meant to ‘just handle’ long bouts of stress – and chronic stress is proven to have deleterious effects on health and well-being. 


So my questions to you are:

  • What are your short-term solutions during stints of stress?
  • How often are these bouts of stress in your life? They are bound to happen, but are they monthly? Every few months? Every few days?
  • Is there anything you wish you did to avoid these stressful situations all together? Are they even avoidable?
  • Does anyone do yoga? I’ve been finding at-home breathing exercises while laying in bed help me fall asleep and work WONDERS for my peace-of-mind at night.


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts/responses!

Until next time, (try to ) keep it stressless.



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