15 Things To Do on a Snow Day

15 Things To Do on a Snow Day (because you finally have the time and lack the will-power):

  1. Sleep in past 8 AM like the rebel that you are. 
  2. Skip the AM shower because that’s wayyy too much effort for a day off of work.
  3. Make coffee at home and finish it WITHOUT having to use a travel mug.
  4. Eat a sugary breakfast. I mean cheat day/snow day, same thing? 
  5. Look at work emails and think to yourself “NOPE.” *closes out of mail app*
  6. Watch daytime TV and be reminded why it’s scheduled to air during the day….while most people are at work.  Game shows > Soaps.
  7. Make a lunch consisting entirely of snacks and/or your favorite childhood food. I vote grilled cheese.
  8. Avoid getting out of your pajamas until 3 PM.
  9. Go outside to check out the snow. Maybe dig out your car, shovel a sidewalk or two. Extra points to those who actually play in it – I prefer to just admire and use it as a photo prop.
  10. Take an afternoon shower because now you’re finally feeling a little gross and the novelty of a snow day has begun to wear off. 
  11. Post a picture of the snow on Instagram. You took about 10. And everyone’s doing it, amirite?
  12. Start thinking about what do have for dinner. And what to pack for tomorrow’s lunch.
  13. Ask yourself how likely it will be to have a SECOND snow day, and subsequently check The Weather Channel for tomorrow’s forecast.
  14. Contemplate taking a personal day tomorrow because what’s better than a day off of work? Two.
  15. Light a candle and pour a glass (or 3) of wine, because if you have to go back to work tomorrow, you may as well be hungover.

Sound like anyone else’s snow day? My apologies to those who didn’t get off of work. For those of you who did, how did you celebrate?? 

P.s. I wanna see those snow pics from Winter Storm Stella so tag me on Instagram, @stylishlytaylored

Until next time, keep warm. 


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