Brunch at Green Pig Bistro

Nestled away on a corner of Clarendon in Arlington, Virginia is Green Pig Bistro, a seriously cute spot with a killer brunch menu. I was in NoVa for the weekend visiting friends, and we wandered over to the quaint spot at 11 AM on a Sunday morning. Luckily, there were plenty of seats at the bar — because the entire spot was booked up with reservations. So popular it had to be good, right?

I walked in and immediately fell in love with the industrial decor and cozy space (see above.) I’m an chronic interior-admirer so you know that was the first thing I noticed. Secondly, the ambiance was a nice break from the stereotypical bro-filled feel of Clarendon. The spot isn’t huge, but I dig it.

I got to looking over the brunch menu and wanted just about everything (typical). I usually stick with mimosas for brunch, but I was intrigued by the other drinks on their brunch cocktail menu. Considering my love for both coffee and booze, I opted for the Iced Morning Moonshine (cold brew + sweetened condensed milk + cold brew coffee moonshine.) Both of my friends got their Bloody Mary (with bacon + and old bay, naturally.) They also offer an apple cider mimosa, grapefruit drink with cava + moonshine, as well as an orange julius cocktail.



In terms of food, the Green Pig has something for everyone – the picky eater, the brunch fanatic, the one who only orders lunch-items (there’s always one…) I was deciding between pork belly sandwich and the huevos rancheros (peep their brunch menu HERE) – but after a second opinion, aka asking our waitress, I settled on their notable, ever-so-popular huevos rancheros. And I was NOT disappointed. This dish was phenomenal. It was a comfortable amount of food, and if a restaurant has a dish with pulled pork, it usually ends up being my choice. Our waitress wasn’t wrong in her suggestions — and I would absolutely recommend the huevos rancheros to anyone checking out the Green Pig Bistro’s brunch.

Pulled pork + salsa verda + black beans + poached eggs + crema = happiness.



In the DMV area and looking for a new brunch spot to try? Seriously consider checking out the Green Pig Bistro (don’t forget to stop by Bakeshop on your way out because it’s right next door.)

Before your visit, I highly suggest making reservations – you can call or make a reservation online. It seems that their reputation for a good brunch is well known, so make sure you can secure a spot!

Have you been to the Green Pig Bistro? They also offer dinner, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts! What did you order? Opinions?

Be sure to follow more of my eater explorations on Instagram + see more of eats via the Fashionable Foodie tab!

Until next time, keep foodventuring!




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