Sunset on the Hill

It’s not often I get to work with someone as talented as Dave, the body and mind behind Spoticus Photography. I came across his Instagram account @spoticusphotography when he was reposted by @thebmorecreatives; his grid is filled with eye-catching displays of Baltimore, NYC, and other cities, towns, etc., in an array of enticing colors. And Baltimore has definitely taken notice of his talent (he was nominated for Baltimore Sun’s 2017 Best of Baltimore – Best Instagram Account!)

Look at his work, and you’ll likely see Dave’s keen eye for cityscapes and landscapes – that’s why I was honored when he reached out to me a few months back about experimenting with his subject matter and shooting people. I never took great notice to the fact that his photos didn’t contain people (bet you didn’t either haha), yet I was excited that he reached out to me for this little light-science project.

I won’t say too much, I’d like the photos to speak for themself. So without further ado, here are the results from our collab! I wore a casual outfit on Federal Hill, and Dave captured it in the stages of the setting sun.

DSC07476-web-2DSC07476-web-2DSC07491-web-2DSC07519-web-2DSC07553-webDSC07543-webDSC07544-webDSC07554-webDSC07545-web (2)DSC07580-webDSC07584-webDSC07614-web2-2DSC07635-web-2

I wore my favorite vintage men’s denim jacket from Bottle of Bread over a Calvin Klein, blue-stripped top; I thought the muted, visual interest of the stripes would be the perfect compliment to the warm golden tones of the setting sun.

And with that — a big THANK YOU to Dave for these photos, they are amazing. And another huge one to my friend TJ for tolerating the cold with me to assist in this shoot.

Be sure to check out Dave’s website (HERE) and Instagram, @spoticusphotography! And keep an eye out for some future StylishlyTaylored x SpoticusPhotography collabs 😉

Don’t forget to share your own cityscape pictures with me on Instagram by tagging me, @stylishlytaylored! I’d love to see your view of Baltimore and beyond!

Until next time, keep it adventurous.

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