Cropped short & tied tight




Crop Top – Express, old (Shop similar HERE, HERE, and HERE) // High-waisted PantsH&M //Shoes – Michael Kors, old (Shop similar HERE) //  // SunglassesForever 21  // Necklace – J.Crew, old (Shop similar HERE)

Photos courtesy of Marqel Allen Photography – INSTAGRAM

Summer weather has started to peek its head around the seasonal corner, and in the fashion world, warmer temps are accompanied by two things – crop tops and florals. I don’t own a lot of floral-patterned pieces, but I’ve held on to this crop top from Express for awhile because I love the pattern and style. Admittedly, Summer isn’t my favorite season (I hate constantly feeling like I need to shower,) but I’ve been working on my summer bod. Countdown to Miami is officially at 23 days!

With this new found interest in health + fitness, with a strengthened self-interest feeling good, my body has started to change in positive ways. And I’m feeling more comfortable wearing revealing items such as crop tops. But as an advocate for tasteful exposure, I don’t believe that wearing less clothing overall is somehow more.

That being said — I paired the crop top with these high-waisted pants I’ve been crushing on from H&M. I’ve been into the Inner Harbor H&M a few times in the past month; each time I’ve eyed up these pants and contemplated trying them on. I figured the third time was the charm, and I finally tried them on. I was already sold on the color, but as soon as I saw how they accented my natural waist, it was a done deal. They were mine.

If you’re a regular reader of or follower of my Instagram, you know I frequently pair crop tops + high-waisted bottoms because I love the tasteful yet sexy way they expose a woman’s body. This is also the same reasoning in my love for pairing skirts and dresses with thigh-high boots. I think there is something so alluring about a confident woman who can command attention by only exposing small amounts of skin. And I strive to be that woman.

Until next time, keep it stylish!



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