Time travel by train



If you’re one of my faithful Instagram followers, you know that I spend a lot of time in Baltimore’s Penn Station, grabbing trains home to Pennsylvania or to Union Station in DC. As a wanderlust, I enjoy traveling and always being on the go; but sometimes I get so caught up in the excitement of heading places for new adventures, I then become lazy and often just throw on my Nike running leggings + my favorite pair of New Balance 574s. If dressing practicality were an Olympic sport, I’d definitely compete for the podium because the comfort of such a ‘travel outfit’ is undeniable.

I was recently featured in an article on Fashion Was Here, a fashion blog and online resource for stylish and successful women, detailing my morning routine and tips for productivity. As I answered questions for this post, titled  “How 4 Professional Women Get Ready in the Morning”, it occurred to me that my morning routine is very practical.

This can be attributed to the fact that my job is very labor-intensive; I’m moving around all day, doing hands-on scientific experiments, so my clothing + beauty choices are practical. I’m totally ok with this because dressing practical (jeans, sneakers, tshirts) allows me to excel at my job (wearing nice clothes often takes my attention away from my experiments b/c I’m too worried about getting chemicals all over a nice top, etc.)

What I’m not OK with: Allowing this practicality to saturate my time outside of work. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. After reading a recent post by Rosemary from The Office Goth, where she shines some much-needed light on the disconnect between photo shoot style and outfits worn IRL by those in the blogger community, I got to thinking. Is this me? Do I do this? Yes, I definitely do. I feel confident in my conscious decision to disconnect these two worlds for work hours – but on weekends? when I’m traveling? I have some work to do.


6. What is your morning beauty routine?
My morning beauty routine is minimal. My job requires me to work with chemicals and spend a lot of time on my feet/moving around, so my clothing choices and beauty routine are intended to be practical. I throw my hair up in a pony tail most days (Anyone remember 7th grade science class, when they told girls with long hair to pull it back? Yep, that’s my life.) I actually tend not to wear makeup on week days unless I have an event immediately after work. So, a little after 8 AM, I leave for work with a freshly washed face, pony tail, and practical footwear.” – me, “How 4 Professional Women Get Ready in the Morning”




Let’s flashback to the early 1900s. In the 30s/40s, train travel was extremely popular. You know what else was popular? Dressing your best while out in public, regardless of your itinerary. People dressed up to travel. “Why don’t I do that more?” I asked myself. As someone who draws a lot of inspiration from vintage pieces + past trends, I am reevaluating my ability to channel my inner Katharine Hepburn in my free time – and prioritizing my freedom to express myself through my clothes in my free time.

Part of my inspiration for starting StylishlyTaylored was the fact that I enjoyed dressing up and embarking on urban explorations  — and since I spend a lot of my time traveling to new restaurants, coffeeshops, and cities outside of work, it’s about time I return to doing just what I set out to do.

So, in the coming months, I’ll be striving to put on a pair of fun heels, a new top, or even a lace, little black dress for new adventures. If you catch me slacking, feel free to call me out. Accountability is key!


Dress – Marshalls (shop similar HERE) // Necklace – Gold Somervell Amelie Crystal Glass Stone Charm Dot Necklace, Stella and Dot (some available on EBay, shop similar HERE) // Hat – Forever21, old (shop similar HERE) // Shoes – Marshalls (shop similar HERE) // Bag – Vera Bradley (shop similar HERE)

Photos courtesy of the ever-so-talented Katie Vee Photography WEBSITE // INSTAGRAM

What do you think of this vintage-inpired travel look? Like it? Love it? Would’ve styled it differently? Tell me in the comments below!

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Have a travel-chic look of your own? Share your pieces + how you styled them by tagging me @stylishlytaylored in your Instagram #OOTD pics! I’d love to see!

Until next time, keep it stylish.



3 thoughts on “Time travel by train

  1. Rosemary K. says:

    👏🏻👏🏻 yay! It’s fun to dress up for special occasions, but yeah – even more fun to put that into your daily wear. My grandmother was a huge believer in dressing your best to travel. I once tried to wear sweatpants on a flight to London and she told me in a very nice way, “nope!” Looking forward to your next few months of looks 🤗


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