StylishlyTaylored Tunes: Workout Playlist

I’ve been working on transforming my daily health routines in recent months – how I view what goes into my body (what I consume, how I consume it) and prioritizing keeping active as a factor in creating a more balanced lifestyle.

And as a part of the transformation, I am trying to motivate myself to get into running; I am slowly working it into my schedule, but after one spontaneous run where I paced an 8:24/mi over 3.0 miles (I was debating staying on my couch but I’m glad I didn’t!), I’ve been more keen to giving running a bit more of my time.

After talking to friends and other runners, I’ve learned that everyone has their own routine. Some people run with nothing, some listen to podcasts to keep their minds occupied — but one thing I personally need to motivate myself  + power through strenuous workouts is music. I’ve mentioned before that music is a really big part of my life – and it both influences and reflects my mood at any given moment.

I post songs (and me being weird/singing along to them) on my InstaStories after workouts b/c endorphins (be sure to tune in, it’s an awkwardness you don’t want to miss) — and surprisingly, a few of you reached out asking about my workout playlist!

Sooooo, here is my Spotify workout playlist! I’ll always be adding songs as I stumble across them, but I tend to workout to upbeat, catchy, + rhythmic songs (especially if they’re throwbacks!)




Dig it? Any songs you think I should add? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, keep jammin’.




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