Girls’ Night Out at Cask & Grain

Sipping on the Lawyers, Guns, & Money cocktail from Canton’s newest restaurant, Cask & Grain// PC: Lucie Camp

Baltimore’s restaurant scene is nothing short of diverse. Every neighborhood offers a wide array of dining experiences and cuisine; and the newest addition to Canton’s repertoire is Cask & Grain, a local, sustainable restaurant emphasizing Farm to Table cuisine in rustically chic digs.

Now, I always need an excuse to get out of the house and have a little fun on a Wednesday night, and Cask & Grain gave me, as well as some other lady creatives, an opportunity to do just that by hosting a Girls’ Night Out! *cue Miley Cyrus’ “GNO”*

Meeting new faces, seeing old ones, catching up over oysters & bubbles, I was in heaven. An ideal end to a rough Hump Day at work. Sound like something you’re into? Then we should go on Wednesday friend dates to Cask & Grain b/c I’m all about slurping oysters and sipping bubbly with my fellow boss babes. And we hit up their Wednesday night special, a dozen oysters + a bottle of cava for $30!


After telling some epic knock-knock jokes, our group of ladies (and Dave) got to try items off of Cask & Grain’s Spring/Summer dinner + cocktail menus. Spoiler alert: if you’re into mezcal, you’re gonna want to try the cocktail Lawyers, Guns, & Money. And listen to the song it’s named after while you drink it. 

Dinner started off with the Squash & Arugula Salad (topped with apples, candied walnuts, and a mustard vinaigrette) – and after finishing it in ~3min flat, I would highly recommend it to anyone checking out C&G. While most of the ladies ordered the Pork Collar for the main course, I was the odd wo-man out as I opted for the Rarish Yellowfin Tuna topped with a roasted beet ‘tartare’.

Let me tell you, it was drool-worthy. I like tuna, but I wasn’t a huge fan…until this dish. Same situation with beets; I wasn’t a huge fan…until this dish. The tartare definitely had that earthy, beet taste but with a sweet twist. I’ve been itching to get back to eat this light, yet filling, dish ever since I cleaned my plate 2 Wednesdays ago.

Finally, we sampled some of the desserts off the C&G menu. As if it couldn’t get better. And as a lady with a sweet tooth, my favorite was definitely the Bittersweet Chocolate Tart. Other options included: Baked Apple topped with ice cream, carrot cake, and flan!

What I love about Cask & Grain:

They source ingredients regionally, serving dishes containing vegetables, meats, fish from the area  – all while supporting local farmers, purveyors, and watermen.
You all know it makes my heart and stomach happy to consume food that is sourced from our community!
Pork Loin (left) and Rarish Yellowfin Tuna (right), accompanied by a Pisco Sour!
Rarish Yellowfin Tuna topped with a roasted beet ‘tartare’
Ladies enjoying Cask and Grain’s dessert spread: Chocolate tart (left), baked apple (front), and carrot cake (right)

Additional specials at Cask & Grain

  • Wednesdays: Dozen oysters + bottle of cava for $30
  • Thursdays: 1/2 priced bottles of rose
  • The Story-teller Series: An acoustic dinner series with intimate concert + 3-course dinner for $45/person

Thank you to Cask & Grain for hosting us, as well as a special thank you to Dave from Blue Fork Marketing for organizing such a lovely excuse to gather, eat, drink, and tell knock-knock jokes!

Have you been to Cask & Grain?  What did you order? What did you think?  Let me know in the comments below!

Curious about where else I’m eating in Baltimore? Check out more of my recent eats HERE!

Share your experiences dining around Baltimore + your favorite dishes with me by tagging me @stylishlytaylored on Instagram! I’d love to see!

P.S. Soooo who’s free next Wednesday? Like seriously…

Until next time, keep it bubbly.




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