Saturday Adventures with JORD Watches

For most of us, weekends are the time to get away – from work, from home, from the routine. I briefly discussed it in my Time Travel by Train post, but during the work week, my outfits are rather practical. It’s only after work and on the weekends, during my personal time, that I strive to express more of my personal style that can often be impractical for my work .

I’m usually doing hands-on experiments at work, putting on and taking off gloves, therefore, wearing bracelets/watches is not a part of my work week routine. It’s not due to a lack of interest, trust me. Simply put — they get in the way.

Once the weekend rolls around, not only do I head out on adventures, but I get to capitalize on the time when wearing accessories such as watches and bracelets isn’t inconvenient. That’s where JORD Watches come in!

If you’re a faithful follower of StylishlyTaylored, you’ll remember that I’ve teamed up with JORD Watches previously to give one lucky follower $75 off a wood watch from JORD. Well, we’re back at it again – and this time we’ve upped the ante!

I’m giving away (yes, that’s right, GIVING AWAY) $100 toward one of these awesome wood watches. I’ve talked previously about how + why these watches are AWESOME (read previous post HERE), so I don’t need to convince you of the uniqueness of this cool watch yet again. 

What I did want to share with you this time around is what I do with my JORD Watch. My Saturdays are often spent urban exploring, adventuring, and/or catching up on work at a coffee shop. StylishlyTaylored is a lifestyle blog – so it’s only fair I show you how I incorporate this accessory into my lifestyle. Weekends are meant for maximizing my time away from work, and what better way to keep track of said time than wearing one of my JORD Watches? 

I’ve taken my Frankie Koa & Ash JORD Watch on a hike of Old Rag, on my vacation to Miami, and on my Saturday morning adventures to Baltimore’s cutest coffee shops such as Marie Louise Bistro + Baby’s on Fire.

Not only is the unique watch perfect as a gift for yourself, but it’s also a great gift for the recent graduate or dad in your life (because both graduation and Father’s Day are right around the corner!)





So you want a chance to win a $100 e-voucher toward a unique watch of your own…


Everyone who enters (yes, everyone!) will get a $25 e-voucher automatically emailed to them. SCORE. But one lucky winner will get $100 e-voucher toward a watch to gift to his/herself (OR to gift to someone they care about!)

Hurry hurry, contest closes May 30th, 2017 @ 11:59PM!

Until next time, keep time with an cool wood watch.



Luxury Wooden Watch


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