Welcome to Miami


Sometimes you just a need a getaway. Life gets crazy, nothing is ever timed appropriately; but getaways can help pull us away from stressful or hectic situations to 1) give us space from the source of stress and 2) help us gain better insight on how to deal with life when we return. Now, I’m a chronic procrastinator when it comes to taking my own advice — but 2 months ago, I decided that it was time to break my 5 year vacation dry-spell and book a ‘spontaneous’ long weekend in Miami with one of my good friends from college, Kris. Few things in my life are truly spontaneous, but 60 days notice for a 4-day vacation (that required some serious penny-saving) was definitely out of the norm for me.

I’ve mentioned before that my disposable income is rather limited. Between an entry-level salary, expensive taste, and a penchant for practicality, I tend to explore my own city on an increased budget as opposed to traveling to more expensive cities (with the exception of DC where travel via MARC + lodging on my best friend’s couch is cheap.) So spending my money on even a cheap vacation still feels…..weird. I’ve never really done it since I’ve entered the adult world, and I certainly don’t do it nearly as much as I would like.

Also out of the norm? Taking more than a half-day off of work. I wrestled with the idea of going, but I convinced myself to spend the money, to see the sights, and indulge myself doing what I love — urban exploring.

Discussion point: A heightened level of practicality can be self-limiting, but I like to think I’m just living within my means. Still working on how to find the balance between a want and a need for vacations (anyone else??)


Why Miami? Miami for two reasons: Costs of both our flights (Southwest, Wanna Get Away) and AirBnB were relatively cheap. And because it’s warm — and I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to the beach. I’ve linked both our travel + lodging details below! 



We actually flew into Fort Lauderdale (FLL) because it was wayyy cheaper. It actually ended up being a rather practical choice as well – we rented a car, drove to Miami, and the additional costs of parking throughout the trip were comparable to what the extra cost would be to fly directly into Miami. I’ve heard from co-workers that trying to just get out of the Miami Airport takes you just about as long as it took us to drive from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. You could also rent a car from MIA, but if you’re looking to save money, I would suggest the FLL + rent-a-car move. We had mobility during our trip, and we were free to do what we wanted, when we wanted. (Don’t get me wrong, I love ride-sharing services like Uber, but it was nice to not have to rely on them to get around!)

Our AirBnB was in the heart of South Beach (highly suggest our host, Jack, if you’re looking for a quick trip to South Beach!), and it was a ~45 min drive from FLL to our AirBnB.

I’ll be posting a lot more details of our eats, looks, and adventures over the next couple weeks. Stay tuned for more great food, cute clothes, and urban explorations throughout Miami!

Until next time, Miami.



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