Brunch at Eggspectation, Owings Mills

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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of brunch. I’m a firm believer that meals consist of so much more than food; when we view dining as an experience, a perspective that goes beyond just nourishment, we start think of our meals as a combination of food, atmosphere, indulgence, and company. 

That being said, what makes brunch such a trendy thing? It seems like brunch has taken on a new form of cultural relevance for millennials, seamlessly integrated into our weekend itineraries. This may be because brunch is often our first bite of food after a long night of drinking or because it’s late-morning time slot accompanies a wide range of schedules; but also perhaps this is because it’s an experience. It’s meant for gathering, socialization, eating, drinking, laughing.

Rooted in the middle-ground between breakfast and lunch, and expanded to provide opportunities for quality time (as well as day-drinking,) brunch is by far my favorite meal. As a result, my Instagram feed consists of (far too?) many brunch-spread flatlays and my stories, ‘Cheers!’ boomerangs.

But contrary to popular belief, these benefits are not reserved solely for Sunday at 11:30 AM. The brunch experience is more accessible than ever, and more restaurants are adapting their menus to reflect the ‘any time’ nature of this hybrid meal.  A perfect example of this anytime accessibility is Eggspectation, a restaurant with a few locations in the Baltimore area, offering guests a brunch experience into the evening. A recent evening brunch at Eggspectation in Metro Centre, Owings Mills with my friend Rachel (@liketheteaeats) only added to my collection of memories & photos.




The Piri Piri wings from Eggspectation, Metro Centre


Montreal Poutine from Eggspectation, Metro Centre


Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon Crostini from Eggspectation, Metro Centre


Waffle Grilled Cheese (with tomatoes) from Eggspectation, Owings Mills


I ventured to Metro Centre with Rachel from Like I said, brunch is meant for gathering with friends and enjoying food + company, so we tried a variety of options off of their dinner menu! I started off with a margarita (we went on a Tuesday so it was only natural to celebrate with tequila haha.) For appetizers, we tried the Piri Piri wings, Montreal Poutine, and Salmon Crostini. Rachel opted for the BBQ Burger, topped with onion rings. See more pictures from our meal HERE.

As for me, I ordered the Waffle Grilled Cheese. After my post about Taste of Belgium from our Southwest Takes Cincinnati tour, I was still in waffle-mode – and who doesn’t want a grilled cheese made with bacon, pears, and Belgian waffles?? I also added tomatoes b/c I just love them.


Photo courtesy of Rachel (@liketheteaeats) from


Photo courtesy of Rachel (@liketheteaeats) from


Have you been to Eggspectation, Owings Mills?  What did you order? Any other notable brunch experiences I need to check out? Tell me in the comments!

Curious about where else I’ve been brunching? Or what else I’ve been eating? Check out more of my recent eats HERE!

Share your travel dining experiences + your favorite brunches with me by tagging me @stylishlytaylored on Instagram! I’d love to see where your experiences take you next!

This post was sponsored by Eggspectation, but all opinions are my own.


Until next time, keep brunching!



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