Taylor Your Travels For: Wynwood Walls


As soon as I announced I was planning a trip to Miami, a slew of people messaged me saying that I HAD to visit the Wynwood Arts District (and the iconic Wynwood Walls.) I had always seen photos of Wynwood Walls in passing (or scrolling?) on Instagram, but I wasn’t aware they called Miami home until we booked our trip. Needless to say, Kris and I knew a visit to this colorful and vibrant neighborhood must be on our trip itinerary!

We spent a good chunk of our Friday morning + early afternoon exploring the Wynwood District. We explored the Walls, as well as the street art outside of them. Now, if you haven’t visited the Walls, you may not understand that the Walls are their own entity – you enter an open, yet enclosed space (bc walls) with the famous art. Outside of this clearly delineated “area” known as the Wynwood Walls, there a ton of galleries intended for housing artists’ works – but the exterior of these galleries serve as additional canvases on which artists showcase their work outside the Walls.

Writers, poets, up and coming artists leave their work. I was happy to make it to the popular murals inside Wynwood Walls; my inner blogger loved checking such a recognizable location off my list.

Yet the art in Wynwood Walls remains semi-static. Think about it – people travel hundreds to thousands of miles to stand in front of the same geometric, rainbow-colored wall and post a picture on Instagram. I read up on the Walls via their website, and it mentions that the Wynwood Walls program has seen 50 artists since it’s start in 2009. It’s not like the art doesn’t change at all but part of its appeal is that you know what walls you’re looking for when you arrive. It’s not good, it’s not bad. Just an observation.


My reflective self, however, also recognized, relished in, and respected the active art. It makes me happy to think about when I return to Miami, new writers, artists, creatives, minds will have left their words, images, Instagram handles, ART all over the Wynwood Arts District. The street art outside the walls is a real-time reflection of culturally relevant topics and peoples’ interpretations of them; it’s fascinating to see such a vibrant area be filled with art that addresses ‘dark’ topics such as social inequality, economics, and politics.

I plan to write a second post to show you the rest of the active art I spotted around the Wynwood Arts District (a lot of sidewalk graffiti!), but until then, here are my photos from the Walls + other walls!


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Have you been Wynwood Walls? Do you have a favorite “Wall”? Or another favorite mural/street art? Tell me in the comments below! My favorite street art was definitely that white and salmon patterned wall (last few photos) — it perfectly matches the design aesthetic of StylishlyTaylored.com, right??

Interested in checking them out for yourself? Click HERE to book your Southwest flight to Miami and see what all the buzz is about!

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Share your travel experiences + adventures with me by tagging me @stylishlytaylored on Instagram! I’d love to see what city you’re visiting and what you’re loving!


Until next time, keep exploring!



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