Crafting Adventure with Devils Backbone: Thirsty Thru Hike

Thru-hiking is the term given to covering a long-distance trail end-to-end during the hiking season (applied commonly to those who set out to take on the Appalachian Trail.)

Devils Backbone, a craft brewery focused on pursuing adventure and following passions, put on their own version of a thru-hike, titled the #DBThruHike. Covering hundreds of miles, DB has been spreading their love of beer and adventure to cities throughout Maryland and Virginia over the past two months.

Brews & Views 

To kick off the Baltimore portion of their #DBThruHike, Devils Backbone organized an actual hike for a handful of influencers! Clever, right? I thought so! I’ve posted about some of my previous adventures out in Shenandoah National Park, our most recent hike being Old Rag, a 9-mile circuit hike complete with a rock scramble. I really enjoy the unique experiences each trail offers, so I was excited to get some hiking in at a NPS park I’ve never visited before! Read up on some of my previous hikes HERE.

We headed out to Catoctin Mountain Park in the late morning, and while we had a ~50 minute bus ride from Baltimore City out to the park, the DB Crew made sure our time was well spent. Not only did we get the full Devils Backbone history from owner Steve, but we also participated in some epic beer trivia while sipping on some of DB’s best brews!



@tailortron checking out the views!

There was a waterfall toward the end of the trail, a great ending to an awesome workout & perfect spot for some pictures. The hike ended with a build-your-own trail mix bar; literally cannot tell you all how psyched I was about this!!! We enjoyed our craft snacks (and more craft beer) on our ride back to Das Bier Haus, where we refueled with more food — and you guessed it, more beer!

Out of all the beer consumed on this busy Saturday, I’d have to say my two favorite beers were Devil Backbone’s Eight Point IPA and their exclusive Glitter Bomb Sour (served on tap at Das Bier in Federal Hill.) DB is known for their Vienna Lager — also very good for a lager, but I’m personally more a fan of an IPAs and sours.


Have you tried any of Devils Backbone’s craft beers? Which was your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

Interested in trying some DB for yourself? Wise choice!

Click here to find where to pick up Devils Backbone nearest you!


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As always, don’t hesitate to share your favorite beers + epic adventures with me by tagging me @stylishlytaylored on Instagram! I’d love to see what you’re drinking and where you’re exploring!


Until next time, cheers!


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