1 piece, 2 ways: White, OTS top

I’ve discussed on many occasions my love for practical fashion – as someone who doesn’t have the luxury of unlimited funds, but yet harbors an endless love for shopping, I like to choose pieces carefully based upon how I can work them into my pre-existing wardrobe (and their potential to be easily paired with new pieces.)



White is the classic summer color, but I think some people can often get tied up on how to style such a simplistic piece. Too much color can overpower the simplicity, yet not enough leaves an outfit very minimalistic, in my opinion. If either of those are your style — go for it because I’m always an advocate for personal style. I, however, prefer a little more visual interest in my outfits, whether it be from color, cut, or pattern.

In a recent collaboration with Anthropologie, I’m showing you the 2 ways I dressed up this white, ruffled OTS top for two fun events at some amazing Charm City spots!

Look #1: Anthem House Grand Opening

If you’ve spent any time down in Locust Point, or along Key Highway, you may have noticed Anthem House, one of Bozzuto’s newest apartment buildings. I was fortunate enough to get an invite to the Grand Opening Party hosted at the stunning spot — and I knew I needed a unique outfit to match up to this South Baltimore gem!

One of the trends I’ve always admired, but at which I hadn’t yet tried my hand, is silk trousers. I am now seriously questioning what took me so long! When I was walking through Anthropologie in search of something to wear, my eye was immediately drawn to the subtle, yet noticeable, print of these wide-leg trousers. After trying them on, and noticing the high-waist flatters my short frame, I knew these were the ones. *cue DJ Khaled* 

After some preemptive Instagram stalking, I knew that Anthem House Apartments had this incredible pool deck with the most amazing view of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. I thought the beachy + breezy look of pairing a loose, white OTS top with patterned, effortless pants would compliment the views perfectly. I threw on a pair of neon heels, grabbed my newest vintage purse, and called it an outfit. Not to mention be super comfortable and forgiving if the night turned out to be a wild party…..turns out all of the above were true. 

Not only did Anthem House + Bozzuto throw a killer Grand Opening party – complete with whiskey tastings, glasses of champagne garnished with craft popsicles, a taco bar, Ceremony Coffee nitro cold brew, and a donut door (yes, this is what dreams are made of) – but the apartments lived up to the hype. The lobby cafe, Crossfit-esque fitness facility, and views weren’t bad either. 



Look #2: Evening at Hotel Monaco + B&O Brasserie

I feel like I should be impartial to when posting about these 1-piece, 2-way outfits, but I can’t contain my love for this second look. Mainly b/c jumpsuit. But, I’ll admit this look was something I stumbled upon rather than planned. My eye is somehow trained to find any jumpsuit within a 50-ft radius when shopping, but I originally saw this purple jumpsuit on the @anthro_maryland Instagram Page. When it popped up in my feed, my mind immediately went to pairing it with this black, floral crop top. The crop top has hints of purple in the design so I thought the colors would compliment the jumpsuit, as well as give the resulting outfit a “bandeau” kind of look.

However, as I tried the jumpsuit on, I was inspired. I didn’t have the crop top with me, so it was hard to predict how the combo would exactly look. *Cue the white, OTS top.* I hadn’t originally thought of pairing the white top with the purple jumpsuit, but while in the changing room, it all clicked. It would be easy to pair the apron dress-inspired jumpsuit with a button up top or plain white tee. But a ruffled, OTS top? Could be chic and unique.

When I put the outfit on, and walked out to Anthro’s full-length mirror, I immediately fell in love the dichotomy of the two pieces. When paired with the feminine ruffled top, the jumpsuit somehow became more masculine and powerful. The jumpsuit hit me at my natural waist, accenting my curves, a feminine asset I love to accent; and the ruffle up top balanced out the wide legs of the jumpsuit. I was pretty covered up, only exposing my shoulders, yet the entire look had me feeling slimmer and sexier than ever. Could have also been the two glasses of pinot grigio but for now, I’ll chalk it up to my self-styling abilities. 

I paired the look with the same neon pair of shoes as Look #1, but this time adding neutral pattern not via vintage bag, but with my favorite tortoiseshell earrings from Sassanova of Baltimore

The look was perfect for an evening spent at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco, getting sneak peaks at beautiful rooms and delicious bites from their restaurant, B&O Brasserie. The look had me feeling like such a boss babe while doing what I enjoy most – sipping wine, exploring my city, and dining with good company.



Whether you’re looking to move to Baltimore, or just visiting for a long weekend, Anthem House and the Kimpton Hotel Monaco have you covered. Both are amazing spaces, offering incredible Charm City adventures, with views and history to match! If I can give you any advice, it’s treat your time in Baltimore like this white, OTS blouse – see the potential and dress it up with the finest of experiences!

Have you been to either Anthem House or Kimpton Hotel Monaco? Another Bozzuto property in the Baltimore Metro area? There are 32 of them! Another Kimpton Hotel in your respective city? They have 66 hotels in 35 cities! LEt me know what you thought of them in the comments below! Serious goals for my #TayloredTravels is to experience all of these spots!

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As always, don’t hesitate to share your Baltimore adventures, travel experiences, and chic Anthropologie looks with me by tagging me @stylishlytaylored on Instagram! I’d love to see what city you’re visiting, places you’re loving, and what you’re wearing!


Until next time, keep exploring!




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