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I’m always chatting about how much I love supporting local – brands, farmers, restaurants, events. But until recently, I hadn’t truly processed how a love for local isn’t only about the brands you buy, restaurants you eat at, or where you grab coffee. Although there are a plethora of local options in Baltimore, one to suit any interests, cravings, and/or passions, we (myself included) often forget that behind every business is a person. And when we support local, we support one another.

I don’t often think of my blog as a business, but truth be told, it is one. Although it’s primary function is that of a cathartic hobby to release creative energy, requires an investment of time and money to produce content – in the form of words, pictures, etc – for others’.

I first started seriously blogging on StylishlyTaylored (ST) when I moved to Baltimore; it gave me an excuse to explore my local surroundings while remaining an inexpensive hobby and platform to share my findings. What I didn’t expect was to meet so many great people through the process. Other people who love similar things – style, food, adventure, travel, new experiences – who are also pursuing avenues to turn passions into careers. It’s amazing to see, and it’s fulfilling to support each unique endeavor.

That’s why when Anna from Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth reached out to our group of Baltimore Bloggers about doing a collaborative photoshoot, I instantly agreed. Not only were we going to work with an amazing photographer, Jade Nikkole, but it was an opportunity to support other women on the same journey as myself. And despite having slightly different niches within this world of ‘creatives’, blogging has brought us all together.

I’ve read horror stories about how cut-throat blogging can be – and frankly, I just don’t get it. We all have different aesthetics, passions, perspectives; and it’s not always in our best interest to change who we are to compete with others’ content because then we lose our authenticity (the reason our readers and Instagram followers liked us in the first place.) So I loved the idea of this shoot – celebrating our creative niches, respecting others visions, and joining in on the #CommunityOverCompetition movement instead of competing with one another.

Working collaboratively with other local bloggers is not only an opportunity to support, learn, and grow from others, but it’s an opportunity that increases social reach as well. You never know who is going to fall in love with your blog, Instagram, writing style, personal style, etc! And collaborating with other bloggers is a way to access those out there who would enjoy your page but never knew you existed! At the end of the day, the people I want to follow along with ST are those that can resonate with my content and enjoy seeing my passions and endeavors through my pictures and words. So exposure is important for all creatives.

We spent the morning shooting, dancing to music, making Boomerangs, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. It was a great day with some amazing ladies. Here are some of the pictures, along with reasons you should check out these other Baltimore Blogger Babes!



Instagram: @alicejoythomas Website:

Alice was one of the first bloggers I interacted with ‘offline’ – I invited her to come with me to Baltimore Magazine’s 2016 Best of Baltimore Party at the Hippodrome because I had some extra tickets. We’ve continued to interact over the past year because Alice is seriously one of the sweetest humans I’ve ever met. She is beautiful, yet fierce. And her blog, AlwaysAliceJoy, has taken off because Alice’s branding is subtly genius. I admire her growth, and I feel thankful to have been able to witness her successes. If you love street style, motivational quotes, and insight into the latest beauty products, give @alicejoythomas a follow!



Instagram: @lifestylebyannaelizabeth Website:

Alright, besides being one of the most effortlessly stunning ladies I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Anna is also one of the kindest. She originally reached out to us for this shoot, putting into action an idea I had for some months but didn’t really know how to execute. Our recent emphasis on community was encouraged by Anna; and I think I speak for the rest of us when I say that we’re thankful for her “let’s do it” attitude.

Meanwhile, her Instagram feed and blog are a dream. I’m big on cohesive feeds. I think they’re important for branding purposes; and Anna has perfected the craft of branding for sure. If you’re looking for feminine and elegant style inspo, head over to @lifestylebyannaelizabeth and!



Instagram: @legallycharming_style Website:

Carisa is the definition of sweetheart. She is also he definition of accomplished. After joining the blogging world, I realized it’s hard to invest a lot of time and effort into blogging when you also have a full-time job – let alone a day job that requires some serious intellect. I may have met her through blogging, but outside of running Legally Charming Style, Carisa is an attorney. Yep, boss babe. If you’re into cats, colorfully playful style, and body positivity, give Carisa a follow over at @legallycharming_style!



Instagram: @taliahsferguson, @fashionwasherexo Website:

I’m doubling down on photos for Taliah because she runs two awesome Instagram accounts, both full of style inspiration. I love following Taliah’s personal account becaue her captions are always on point; and the quotes + celeb style inspo on @fashionwasherexo brightens my days. She blends the two on her blog,, giving followers insights into her travels, her favorite recent trends, and outfit deets. Give her a follow!


Taylor (Me!)

Instagram: @stylishlytaylored Website: (you’re on it right now!)

Alright well if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already discovered StylishlyTaylored. If you’re just stopping by, or a new follower, welcome! ST is my forum for sharing my favorite of life’s little joys –  cool coffeeshops, new Baltimore hot spots, an exciting new travel experience, an outfit including a cool thrifted piece. I strive to make ST as much as a lifestyle blog as possible because I originally started it to share the things which bring me joy, which are not limited to one specific corner of my life. Dig it? Consider subscribing to my mailing list to get all my adventures sent directly to your inbox or follow me over on Instagram!



Jumpsuit – Punch! // Lipstick – Bite Beauty, Amuse Bouche (Whiskey)


Whether you’re in Baltimore, or another city, remember to look local. There are so many great brands – and people – in your city, you just have to look for them. If you happen to be in Baltimore, definitely go out of your way to follow these amazing ladies for the best of Baltimore food, events, and style. If you’re in the business of supporting me, you can do just that by supporting them!

Don’t hesitate to head over to their blogs to read what they said about the collaboration!

Alice // Anna // Carisa


A HUGE thank you to Jade from Jade Nikkole Photography — who is incredibly talented behind a camera and one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. LIKE LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS!! Book her serious photo skills HERE!

As always, don’t hesitate to share your favorite local adventures, experiences, and brands by tagging me @stylishlytaylored on Instagram! I’d love to see what city you’re in, places you love, and what you’re wearing!


Until next time, keep supporting local!



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