Alta47: Homes Taylored to you


My relationship with Baltimore just celebrated its 2.5 year anniversary; it’s crazy to think I’ve called this city home for all of my post-college life. During the past couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a lot of friends move into the next stages of their lives — relationships, career changes, buying houses, etc. I’ve also had the pleasure of watching Baltimore move into the next stages of it’s journey – as a city, as an attraction, as a community. Downtown Baltimore is evolving –  an influx of young professionals has brought about a housing revolution in Baltimore. And as a result, new apartment buildings and condos are popping up all over the city. I like to think I moved here at an exciting time, I’ve witnessed a LOT of change. And change indicates progress, something for which, by my understanding, Baltimore is long overdue.

One of the areas getting a lot of residential additions is South Baltimore (SoBo.) Close to I-95 and with easy accessibility to amenities such as McHenry Row, Harris Teeter, Merritt – Fort Ave, Diamondback Brewing Company, and L.P. Steamers (one of Baltimore’s best crab houses!), SoBo is an ideal area to live for those commuting South. Or for anyone that appreciates having necessities close-to-home. Did I mention that SoBo also is home to the Under Armor World Headquarters? Casual.

I mentioned Anthem House Apartments  – a stunning 9-story building with a pool overlooking the Locust Point waterfront – in a previous post as one of these new residential developments. Apartments are nice and all, but not everyone wants to ‘thrown money away’ by renting. Another perk of the South Baltimore neighborhood of Locust Point is that you can move on to the next stage of your life without having to move very far.

Cue Alta47.

Alta47 is a new community of town homes, contemporary in style, located in the convenient, waterfront neighborhood of Locust Point. And in my opinion, they are the ideal home for a true city-lover. I love the commotion of the city, the fast-paced lifestyle — I definitely consider myself a city person. Yet, I appreciate coming home to my space after a long day . A recognition of this need to retreat from the hustle and bustle of  city-life is what sets Alta47 apart from other apartment complexes and communities. We’re all busy, but our space should be just that — our space.

Another stunning property from The Bozzuto Group, Alta47 gives you the option to personalize your retreat with every customizable option imaginable, ensuring that each embodies the owner’s definition of “home.” Homeowners can choose everything from their homes’ set up & floor plan, to finishes on cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, etc via their on-site + virtual Design Lab. There are 4 home options, each offering homeowners different amenities.

I got a chance to tour two of Alta47’s model units – and let me tell you, they are (unsurprisingly) gorgeous.

Alright, so the Towson is the Beyonce of town homes, no joke. It doesn’t have to say much because you’ll realize it’s the top of the line the moment you walk through the door and step into the foyer. And if the Towson is the Beyonce of town homes, the Beason is definitely Adele – beautiful, classic, and highly coveted. I’ve even got the pictures to prove it.

Ground Floor

Optional Ground Floor Home Office available with the Beason at Alta47

Main Level

Main floor of a Towson home at Alta47

Main floor of a Towson home at Alta47

Bedroom Level

Guest Bedroom in a Beason home at Alta47

Rooftop Terrace

Each home has four levels – the Towson town homes are adorned with top-of-the-line amenities, but all 4 home-types come with expandable features to automate your lifestyle. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a Smart Home? Or Smarter home? OR Genius home? Lemme upgrade ya. The customizable-nature of Alta47 homes makes it possible to pick the packages and features you want to automate!

All homes also come with multiple options for Ground Level and Bedroom Level floor plans. Each floor plan incorporates a garage (1 or 2 cars depending on model!), Chef’s Kitchen, 2-3 bedrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a rooftop terrace perfect for entertaining on game days, grilling on weekends, or celebrating life on a Monday night.

Like the Towson, The Beason offers optional layouts for different floors. A 2 car garage is standard on the Ground Floor with this home, but you still have to decide between a Recreational Room and a Home Office/Study. As for the Bedroom Levels in both homes, need bedrooms for the kids? Consider the 3BR layout. Staying a DINK? Opt for the Dual Owners’ Suites. I mean, you could probably turn one into a walk-in closet……just sayin’. 

My favorite part of the model homes, however, were the bathrooms….

The colorful accents and vibrance of the bathrooms throughout the Alta47 model homes were totally my vibe. I need this interior designer in my life — because I felt happy the moment I spotted these vibrant walls. Colorful wallpaper and patterned tile not your thing? No sweat, that’s why the Design Lab exists!

Other cool options spotted in the two model homes? Fireplace (inside and on roof deck,) wine bar, rooftop wet bar.

Click HERE to view more options on how to customize your Alta47 town home!


Like what you see? I’d be surprised if you didn’t! With so many floor plan options, Smart Home features, and neighborhood amenities, it’s hard not to consider Alta47 a desirable option for those looking to purchase a home in Baltimore. The Richardson (not toured) is 3-4BR/3-3.5BA/1 car garage starts at $494,990.

If you’d like to learn more about these gorgeous homes, I suggest reaching out to the amazing people over at Alta47 to schedule a tour. The Alta47 community definitely came to impress, and it’s the perfect place to customize your future in Baltimore!


Until next time, keep living (and loving) Baltimore!



This post was sponsored by Alta47, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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