Chasing lights, chasing cars

If chasing light were an Olympic sport, Dave from Spoticus Photography would win Gold. The dude’s Instagram feed has everything from Baltimore sunrises to Shenandoah sunsets, and every perfectly-placed sunburst in between. I’m always down to work with Dave because he’s always down to try new lighting techniques and tries to make some of my crazy ideas come to life (and light.)

If you missed our first collaboration, you can check out the photos (and the story behind how we first met) here. Long story short – we spent a lot of time on Federal Hill standing in the cold taking portraits during sunset. My hands may have been frozen by the end of the shoot, but Dave managed to capture a photo of me that now sits in my Top 3 all-time favorites (it’s the last one in the post!)

This time when we got together 1) it was much warmer 2) we decided to try something I had suggested the first time we met: combining humans + light trails. One of the first photos of Dave’s I came across on Instagram was of wicked red light trails on Pratt Street. I thought the concept of a human surrounded by movement would bring a cool new concept to shooting the traditional portrait. He was up for the challenge.

The resulting photos were awesome – and can be found at the bottom of this post, as it’s the last thing we shot. But first, we did what Dave does best – chased light. The photos below are in chronological order, from daylight to nighttime. Enjoy!





SO: What do you think? Awesome right?

I wore my pair of vintage, distressed Harley Davidson shorts I scored back home from Basura Thrift Boutique, a black & tan stripped shirt, and my Max Jeans olive green vest. I didn’t want to wear anything to overstated as I knew the light trails would be colorful and eye catching. I wanted my outfit to play into the chaos, not take away from it.

Again, another thank you to Dave – it took time to experiment and edit to make this vision come to life. Another big shoutout to Kris who did a fierce job assisting in the shoot – and looked fierce in front of the camera too!


Be sure to follow Spoticus Phorography on Instagram to keep up with all of his awesome shots. Ready for more? We’ve got some ideas for another collaborative shoot in the works so stay tuned!

Catch a cool city view for yourself? Share your cityscape pictures with me on Instagram by tagging me @stylishlytaylored and hash-tagging your photo with #stylishlytaylored and #MyBmore! I’d love to see your view of Baltimore and beyond!

Until next time, keep chasing light!



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