Bacon Jam 2017

Are you ready to take in alllllllll the bacon? I’d be concerned if you weren’t. If you’re a vegetarian, feel free to ignore the entirety of this post.

If your will power is lacking, or you’re game for racking up good times, consider spending your day snacking on bacon at Bacon Jam! Held at Power Plant Live! on  November 11th from 12-5PM, Bacon Jam is an all day event centered around you guessed it, bacon. But food isn’t the only thing that’s going down at this shindig — the event will also have cocktails from some of Baltimore’s best bartenders (crafted with bacon, of course), as well as tunes by Joey Harkum Full Band, Bond & Bently, and Troll Tribe.

See participating vendors HERE.

But wait, it gets better — a part of the proceeds from every ticket sold goes to Volunteering Untapped, Power Plant Live!’s non-profit partner.

Volunteering Untapped is a non-profit organization focused increasing volunteerism in Charm City. One of their goals is to connect people to volunteering opportunities because a lot of us want to get involved, but often don’t know how. Eating bacon, drinking cocktails, and supporting good people doing good things? Don’t have to twist my arm.



Want to bring BAE to Bacon Jam? OR take yourself on a Saturday date? Score tickets HERE.

And be sure to use my code “BaconJam2” for $5 off your ticket!


Curious about what else I’ve been up to lately? Check out my other adventures in Baltimore HERE.

Until next time, keep it shakin’ bacon.





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