Thoughts on the FitBit Ionic

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OK, so I’m a bit behind-the-times when it comes to any technology outside of my iPhone and computer. Even then I avoid updating my softwares because I can’t totally wrap my head around the need for constant change. 24 going on 74 over here. 

Nonetheless, despite my practicality, I am willing to try new gadgets to see if they are worth the money/investment. I didn’t jump on the FitBit bandwagon when they first released their step-tracking technology, and in all honesty, I was unaware that the company released so many versions of the activity-bolstering band. So when Verizon reached out asking if I would be willing to give the new FitBit Ionic a try, and I said “let’s do it!”

Before I got the Ionic, I thought FitBits were for reserved for tracking heart rates, sleep, and workouts for informing wearers about their overall fitness. But after opening up the Ionic, downloading the FitBit app, and investigating the myriad of capabilities of the watch, I learned that the technology is for much more than keeping tabs on steps. The Ionic does keep track of aggregate fitness data, but it can also be customized with apps for any individuals’ needs.

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Since I received the FitBit Ionic from Verizon, and am generally new to the tech accessory world, I was curious about the compatibility of the watch. Do you have to have Verizon for the watch to sync appropriately with your phone? 

What I learned: The Ionic communicates with the app through Bluetooth technology so your cell phone carrier is irrelevant. If you have Bluetooth turned on, you’re good to go; you can receive texts on your watch regardless of carrier. I actually turned off Phone Notifications because they turned out to be extremely distracting at work.

After three weeks of daily use, I can say I’ve really enjoyed the information learned through wearing my FitBit. I’ve learned that my resting HR is 63 BPM; I continually hit 9 hours of activity in a day while also hitting my goal of 10k steps every weekday. Weekends are less active but I’m all about prioritizing well-deserved rest and relaxation. 

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Not only does the FitBit track number of steps, but it also tracks floors climbed, minutes active, distance walked, and estimated calories burned.

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What I like most about the FitBit are the features that substitute the need to carry my wallet or phone. For those of you who love coffee, the Ionic lets you connect your Starbucks card through the app so you can just grab and go on a busy morning. Not a fan of Starbucks? No biggie, there’s a wallet app so you can stop into any coffeeshop, restaurant, convenience store that accepts contactless payments!

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All photos courtesy of Willis Aybar // INSTAGRAM// WEBSITE



FitBit Ionic ($299)

Overall, I would suggest looking into the Ionic if you’re in the market for a smart watch that doubles as an activity tracker. The ability to customize the watch, curating outputs to match your individual needs, is a huge plus in my book. I also like how the Ionic can be stylishly tailored with different bands to dress the watch up or down!

Have you tried the Ionic? Or do you have one of the older generations of FitBit? What are your thoughts on smart watches – are they an integral part of your life or could you live without?

Be sure to follow along on Instagram @stylishlytaylored to see my day-to-day styling of the watch — and thanks again to Verizon for letting me check out what the FitBit world is all about!

Until next time, keep moving forward!


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