Christmas in July with Basic Invite


Merry Christmas in July! OR should I say Krismas in July. Ok Taylor, what are you talking about? Allow me to explain. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve all (virtually) met my best friend Kris…whose birthday conveniently falls at the end of July! I’ve linked his Instagram if you feel so inclined as to wish him a happy birthday. If you haven’t noticed, our entire relationship involves quirky puns and bad dad jokes. So it was only appropriate we declared July 29th a personal Holiday, Krismas in July

The Holiday season is my favorite time of year, so it’s really only fitting one of my favorite people celebrates his birthday during the colloquially referenced ‘Christmas in July’. The outpouring of love and heightened sense community is unmatched around the Holidays. And since July 29th is our own little Holiday, my outpouring of love for Kris comes in the form of Holiday cards (instead of birthday cards). I mean, I have to, right?

Whether you’ve got your own Kris/Chris, or you’re looking to preempt the Holiday stress by ordering custom samples of your cards well in advance, Basic Invite has everything you need for Christmas in July!

I teamed up with Basic Invite to make our 2018 Krismas in July Holiday card; and using their templates with customizable text and unlimited color options, I was able to curate the perfect card! From Christmas photo cards to business holiday cards, they’ve got endless options for your personal and professional needs during the Holidays.

As far as process goes, making the card was super easy. I knew I wanted to use this specific photo of Kris and I because we had a blast at Feastival 2018, and it was a day truly representative of our friendship. With drinks in hand, I felt it was only fitting to go with the festive Cheers template! 

As you can see, each section of provided template can be customized. Although I could change the colors of each field under the “Select Your Colors” section, I stuck with the defaults because I thought they were tastefully designed. I did, however, edit the text! The original template said something along the lines of “love the Carson Family”. I knew I wanted to accent the text of Krismas in the same script as the Cheers header; so I was able to duplicate the exact text box I wanted to replicate, change the text, and minimize it to create exactly what I wanted!

Process_Kristmas in July

Although I used Basic Invite to create this fabulous Holiday card, Basic Invite has a plethora of templates for any upcoming occasion, event, or celebration! You may not be celebrating Christmas in July, but perhaps you’re planning a wedding, a baby shower, birthday party? Or just want a set of custom Thank You cards to send to friends and family? Here are a few of my favorite templates for other occasions:

Now, there are a few things that make Basic Invite different and (and preferential to) other online stationery retailers:

    • Almost Unlimited Colors & Over 40 Different Colors of Envelopes
      • As someone who is selective about the designs of her….everything, I really appreciate the creative freedom allowed by Basic Design. A lot of other sites structure their templates with strict limits on potential for customization, but Basic Invite offers customers many color choices for both templates and envelopes. And with the added ability to add and remove text from templates, they make it really easy to design your perfect card.
    • Custom Samples
      • If you’re someone who needs to see how your card will look in person before purchasing (also me!), Basic Invite offers custom samples. Want to see how your design prints? Paper quality? Curious how the raised foil you selected fits into your design? Users can order a printed sample of their card to see their creation without before finalizing their order!
    • Address Capturing Service
      • For those of you with a long list of recipients (ahem Christmas cards, wedding invitations), Basic Invite just made your life WAY easier. With their address capturing service, all you need to do is send a link to your guests. They fill out their respective addresses and Basic Invite catalogues the addresses into your account. Recipient address printing is free on Holiday orders!

That being said, Basic Invite is offering 30% off holiday cards with coupon code: holi30. Merry Christmas in July!


To see options, and gain more inspiration for your Basic Invite creation, follow them on Instagram or Pinterest!

Have you ordered from Basic Invite before? What was your experience? I’m thankful that they played a role in celebrating one of my favorite people on his special day.

Be sure to check out more of what I’m loving in Baltimore and beyond. You can meet Kris and follow along with my experiences, adventures, and thoughts in real time over on Instagram @stylishlytaylored!

Until next time, keep celebrating!


tlogo copy

This is a sponsored post with Basic Invite, however, all opinions and creations are my own!

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