Living Room

It’s safe to say that your living room is probably one of the most utilized rooms in your place – it’s where you entertain guests, kick back after a long day at work, and curl up on weekends for Netflix binges. This frequent utilization of a space meant for ‘living’ is why I’ve never been a fan of those clean cut and minimalistic aesthetics. I want my home to feel like a home and my living room to feel like it’s been lived in. So when I design a space, I aim to surround myself (and my guests) with a welcoming environment, comfortable furniture, & cozy vibes.

My goal is simple: Design my space to resemble what my mom’s living room looked like when I was 10. It had wear, it had tear, it had a lot of shit; but when push came to shove, it displayed memories, it hosted moments, it had everything, and everything had its place.

To do this, I focus on 1) mixing colors, patterns, metallics 2) incorporating pieces of furniture from multiple different ‘aesthetics’ (meaning you wouldn’t find them all in the same display at Potterybarn) 3) showcasing vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces 4) accenting with just enough items to make the space feel cozy without feeling cluttered.