Other Little Wonders

Life is filled with unpredictable moments and a fair amount of struggle – but, when looking a little closer, the optimist will see that life is also filled with a lot of other little wonders. And honestly, one doesn’t have to look that hard to find them. I do write about clothes, food, and travel – but for some, those are luxuries. Realistically speaking, I acknowledge that there is much more to life than brand-name clothing, expensive dinners, and lavish trips.

For example, the other little wonders I’ve learned to cherish come in the form of strong cups of coffee, bright natural light, thrifted home decor, a good-fitting pair of jeans, a great Spotify playlist, weekend adventures to local cafes, meaningful conversations with friends, and actually having an umbrella on me during a freak rain storm (happens less often than you’d think….)

Life moves so fast, and we often get trapped in the mindset that ‘big things’ are the only aspects of life that define us. I’d like to change that. The big things – jobs, cars, homes, relationships – are indeed important and wonderful. Instead, I’d like to challenge you to emphasize this notion in daily life:  When big things in life cause stress or induce worry (because they undoubtedly do), seek solace in life’s other little wonders.

Join in on the positivity + post photos of your #otherlittlewonders.



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